Saturday, February 28, 2009

Have you listened to 40k Radio?

Sometimes we paint in silence, we could blast loud music, watch TV while painting, or just painting while talking with some friends. But have you actually listened to 40k Radio?

I have heard about people talking a lot about podcasts, but never actually bothered to listen to any until, I've visited the 40k Radio Website and downloaded some of their previous shows in MP3 and listen to it.

40k Radio gives a lot of hobby tips, codex reviews and also talks about tournaments and also the gaming aspect of 40k.

I haven't found a general WarHammer podcast yet, mainly because I'm hooked on 40k Radio for now.

If you haven't listened to a podcast before, I strongly urge you to go do it now! Visit and download their MP3 shows, you will enjoy it!

"Just came back from a full day event, had to manage it as I am part of the crew. In a few hours time I'm attending my cousin's wedding dinner. With the time I have left, I should go paint up a little or just prepare another 10 Shoota Boyz."

Friday, February 27, 2009

Painting - Ork Battlewagon

Hello again, for today's update, I will show my Battlewagon. Do note that this model is incomplete as I'm still working on da Dakka Krew Memba's... They'll be situated at the side of the Battlewagon as Big Shootas.

This is the first time I attempted to use free hand techniques. Suprisingly, using free hand is quite easy. Here are some shots of the Work In Progress (WIP) Ork Battlewagon.

I wanted to add more red to the Battlewagon to represent da red paint job! So I free handed some flames at the door.

This kunnin Grot here snickers as he has control over a big shoota.

I didn't glue certain parts so when my Battlewagon experiences a Weapon Destroyed result, I can remove the big shootas. The top was also made removable so if it's a Wreck, I can just take it off. I painted the insides too!

I will do more free hands on the next Battlewagon I buy, it will really be red in flames!

"So many Orks, so little time, if only me Orks could paint themselves, but we all know that's not gonna happen! I'm working on putting more colours to da Boyz!"

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sprues - Ork Battlewagon

I've took some back and front shots of the Battlewagon sprue before I actually took it out to assemble it. Here are the shots.

Simply beautiful! The sprues are amazing with it's weapon options, no doubt I'm gonna buy another one of these soon. Assembly only takes a few hours and it's easy to assemble.

For the Grot turret, I suggest anyone who wants to assemble it, go look for the Ork Battlewagon assembly tutorial in GW, this is because I followed the instruction manual and I got the Grot turret assembled wrongly.

This model also requires minimum filing, which is a pleasant thing. And also, it comes with 2 Ork bodies and 2 different Ork 'eads! Meaning that you can actually custimize some of your Orks!

"It's my first time assembling a vehicle... And I can say that this is fun! Painting it is quite easy too, hope I can finish it by tomorrow."

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Painting - Ork Shootas

I've been feverishly painting for the past few days to make sure I finish these 10 Shoota Boyz as soon as I can and still maintain quality.

I've also been painting their clothes as different as possible to make sure every single Ork is Orkily unique. Here are some shots.

The Shootas can be quite tricky to assemble if you're not careful with the positioning of  the body, especially when the gun collide with the legs. These models really have to go through dry-fitting to ensure a proper assembly to minimize the 'urty paint chipping after the painting is done.

"Now, time for the Battlewagon!"

Featured Blog - Warpspace

All right, here's another Featured Blog I have to do in the same day just because it's so awesome!

Louis, our very own friend/gamer/painter has finally updated his blog! And you know what? His Painting is amazing! Visit over to Warpspace to see some of his works as I believe he will update more and show us more of his amazing painting.

Here's an example of a picture I took from his blog!

"I'll be posting on my Shoota Boyz soon as I've recently finished 10 of them."

Featured Blog - Minis Here and There

Finally, my roommate, Wesley Goh has started up his blog, look it up here at Minis Here and There. I've been helping tremendously on his model painting and also guiding him on painting his marines, and not to mention on the gaming aspect too. Let's hope he can paint up table top quality miniatures at his first attempt!

I also hope he would update his blog just as often too!

Back to painting da Waaagh!!

"Celebrations to a new player in the 40k universe!"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Painting 6 - Eldar Rangers

Today's gonna be a small change of pace as it has been a very Orky week.

For the Random Painting, today's highlight will be the Eldar Rangers which I have painted a long time ago.

The basecoat for the models are black.

For their cloaks, I gave them a Catachan Green paint and washed them with Devlan Mud.
Their faceplates  were painted with Scorched Brown, while their helm was painted with Bleached Bone.

Their snipers and pistols were painted with a mix of Graveyard Earth and Chaos Black to give them a camo feel.

Their faces were painted with Bleached Bone and washed with Ogryn Flesh, it was the first time I painted a face with washes.

Other earthly colours like Snakebite Leather, Desert Yellow, Komando Khaki and Camo Green was used for the other random parts on the Rangers.

"Getting back on track, ta paint da Orks!"

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My first WarHammer Fantasy game!

Woo hoo! My first WarHammer Fantasy game made possible thanks to Radin! Radin is the HELP Miniature Fight Club's Staff Adviser, he used to work for GW Australia's retail for some time, who can ask for someone better than that?

Thanks to Radin's expertise in WarHammer 40,000 and WarHammer Fantasy, today we've made it an effort so that I myself could learn how to play WarHammer Fantasy.

After work (I train in a company, the logo is on my shirt), I went back to my hostel to get ready for the game. Met Radin after he's done with his work then we headed off to MidValley's Comics Mart.

Well, since I was new to WHFB (WarHammer Fantasy Battle), Radin decided that I make my Warriors of Chaos army list to play against his Vampire Counts.

As we do not have the actual miniatures of this particular army, we used other races to become our proxy minis, or replacement minis. This is to make sure I know what I'm buying and what am I using them for. Same for Radin as he will buy his Vampire Counts in bulk when he has abundance of funds. :)

Pictures courtesy of Daniel, I was kinda busy to touch my camera.

I'm calculating my points to make sure the list is done right. On going game behind me Tyranids VS Orks!

All set up and ready to rumble!

Well, the pictures didn't turn out as well as I hoped, but at least it shows.

Radin behaving mischievously...

I know it's hard to tell who's block belongs to who, but as you can see on the right, I was being flanked by some Skeleton Knights.

Those wolves on the right are being proxy-ed as my Chaos Knights.

This battle did not go well for me, those blue coloured elite of a skeleton drove my Chaos Warriors away!

The green block are my Nurgle Chaos Warriors, they did well and wiped everything out.

The game ended at turn 6 with me having suffered heavy casualties. I lost, but it was a very good learning experience. I've learned all the basic stuff in WHFB and also learned how to have at least some magic protection.

All in all, thanks to Radin for this experience, now I have to build my Warriors of Chaos step by step as I have to complete my Orks too!

Question for readers, do you accept proxy a miniatures? Whether it's you or your opponent.
Drop a comment to let me know!

"It was real good fun, I think I'm gonna influence my gaming buddies to start WHFB too!"

Painting - Ork Nob

I've finished yet another Ork Nob. This will be one of my many Power Klaws and I've decided to get another box of Ork Nobz to make more Power Klaws for my army.

Here are the pictures of this completed guy.

Diggin' the Power Klaw!

It has been an Orky week, I shall post up some other random painting I have while I continue painting my 10 Shoota Boyz.

"I'm gonna have my first WarHammer Fantasy game today, thanks to Radin who will be guiding me along. As I don't have enough Fantasy minis, we'll be using replacements instead."

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My first visit to Legio Malaysia - Friday, 20th February 2009

I've heard of Legio Malaysia ever since I've started committing into WarHammer. During that time, I wasn't very serious into the hobby and I was just an enthusiast.

Legio Malaysia is based in Battlefront Miniatures. In the factory itself! How cool is that? For Malaysians who want to join or visit, here's a map. It is in Shah Alam. (I can't further explain as I'm not familiar with the whereabouts in Kuala Lumpur).

For Wargamers around the world who visit's Malaysia, you have to visit Legio! Let us know so we can bring you around.

There were lots of talks of Legio having it's Leagues, tourneys and hobby nights, just that I didn't know how to go there and practically didn't know anything about the place. Until yesterday, thanks to Nahri who brought Dillon, Louis and I to Legio, we found a very devoted place to the WarHammer hobby.

Behaving like a tourist, I've been taking quite a number of snap shots during my visit.

There are 12 gaming tables, with chairs all around, I bet that's more than enough to have a tournament. Of all the gaming clubs I've been, this is the best place by far.

While I was there, I watched some League games going about. It was very interesting to see other armies on the table. My camera tends to get sleepy when the sun is down and I didn't want to turn the flash on as it might distract them.

On going game: Vostroyan VS Orks

On going game: Chaos Space Marines VS Ultramarines

The interesting part is this, the gaming board was actually just another plank set up above a table. We use a small table like this.

To put a gaming board on

Dillon and I selected this table to have our casual gaming session. Two specialist armies going against each other. Dillon with his Double Wing Dark Angels and me with my Doom Angels Fly Boys. It's basically Termies+Bikes+Land Speeders VS Maniacal *Blood Angel Codex* Assault Marines.

While Dillon starts deploying, I went on taking more pictures.

This place is seriously big!

This is Jeff, founder of Legio Malaysia, I didn't want to disturb him from his painting mode, since I understand how it feels like being bugged when painting, so I secretly took a picture of him in action. Hope you don't mind Jeff! :)

This is what he was working on, Salamanders! I can say that Jeff's painting is amazing! The colours on his Terminator are starting to form and I can already see how good it looks, even though it's unfinished!

I'm not sure this Crimson Fist Termie belongs to who, but it looks very well painted, it deserves to be shown.

Now we began our game of seeing who's army is better. Dillon checking his line of sight to make sure he can pepper me with shots before I fly too near.

He's got Sammael on the Land Speeder.

His Termies and Venerable Dreadnought on one side. I'm so dead.

My fly boys ready for some action.

I lost anyway, I really got fired to pieces with his assault cannons and plasma cannon. It was a funny game too.

This guy here deserves mention, Faizal. He has impressive skills in scratch building stuff. I hope he could do a tutorial on building a scratch built Land Raider.

His converted Slaanesh Demon Prince.

Scratch built Land Raider, impressive job huh?

His other scratch built Land Raider.

Visit Faizal's blog, I hope he does a tutorial for you guys to enjoy the hobby at a lower cost.

During my visit I've also met Saleem. He's an extremely friendly and funny guy and his preference game is Flames of War. For all you FoW (Flames of War) addicts, you will really envy this guy's job.

Saleem works as the Quality Control in Battlefront Miniatures, which means, every FoW mini he owns, is FREE.

Which explains the two-thumbs-up-super-smiley-face.

Amazing stuff, at first I thought they were Epic Mini's. Saleem can paint them quite well too, his models are beautiful in detail.

Legio is not only meant for WarHammer, it's also meant for FoW.

There are other League games going on too. I really like watching well painted armies in action.

Subahan in orange with his Daemons. Looks like the Demon Prince will have a fun time chopping some Blood Angels up.

"Group HUG!!!"

Louis in black, and Dillon again having a go.
It was Daemons VS the Double Wing Dark Angels.

Louis is a talented painter. His miniatures are well above table top quality and really stands out on the table.

Some of his Bloodletters. Louis is a very talented photographer as well, check out his photography blog and his WarHammer blog. For those who expect to get married soon in Malaysia, contact him! He does good works, you have to see his site to know what I mean.

As the night goes by, I've talked to Jeff about the membership in Legio. Check out the Legio blog at and email him for info if you're interested. I can say very well that this place is a friendly hobby minded place that I myself would love to join too!

Some of Khairul's Altansar Eldar.

I would love to make a trip down there again, provided if I have transport there. I also would like to see other armies as there are lots of members in Legio Malaysia.

"Step one, plan budget. Step two, plan transportation. Step three, join club. That's my plan."