Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tutorial - Assembling and Painting an Ork Nob

Today's topic as promised, a tutorial on painting and assembling an Ork Nob. This Ork here will be wielding a Big Choppa with a very angry expression.

Let's begin by selecting the parts you would want to assemble on your Ork, by using clippers, carefully clip the parts out of the sprue.

Next up is cleaning the mould lines, I hate mould lines. Use a Hobby Knife to scrape it off.

Once that's done, minor assembly can take place. Here I've glued the torso together since it's the major part of the body.

Here comes the night, and my camera won't show good pictures without good sunlight. But I've glued the right arm on after I've checked on whether the other parts like the shoulder pads could fit.

Glue on the angry Orky fist

The parts that contain Orky flesh are sprayed with white, whilst those that don't are sprayed black.

The entire skin area is painted with Orkhide Shade. Make sure there are no globs stuck in the crevices.

Next up, drybrushing. Camo Green is used to make the first highlighting on the Ork's skin.

In here you can see the effects of drybrushing immediately.

Now I've drybrushed the skin area with Catachan Green, to give it the dirty look on the skin.

After that is done, wash the entire skin part with Thraka Green. Use the wash liberally, but remember to soak up those washes that are stagnant at the crevice.

Here's how it looks like after the wash.

Drybrush the skin again with Camo Green, this time, focusing on the raised parts of the skin and leaving the crevices dark.

The Big Choppa was painted entirely black and the clothes were painted with Graveyard Earth. The boots are painted with Fortress Grey.

The clothing part was washed with Devlan Mud to tone the colour down.

Paint the arm bands with Bleaced Bone then tone it down again with Devlan Mud. The Big Choppa should be painted with Scorched Brown to give it a rusty look.

Vermin Brown was applied to the handles of the Big Choppa. Codex Grey was painted on the arm plates. Paint Snakebite Leather on the straps and Bleached Bone on the Claws and Teef!

This part here shows that the Big Choppa was painted with Scab Red. Wash the handle with Vermin Brown.

I've drybrushed some Dwarf Bronze onto some parts of the choppa, then Boltgun Metal was drybrushed over it to make it more worn off.

The shoulder pads were simple, just drybrush them with Boltgun Metal then give them a little Badab Black and Devlan Mud wash.

I've glued the head on since I won't be painting the Ork's body anymore.

The Ork's tongue was painted with Scab Red. Bleach Bone those teefs and Desert Yellow those insides. Give the inside a good Gryphonne Sepia wash.

Now they look like a good murda mob! The base was simply painted with Graveyard Earth then drybrushed with Bleached Bone.

Here comes the morning sun! I added the front plate as a tabbard for this Nob!

The slugga/choppa back pack was painted with the earthy colours I've used on the model and glued on to the back. In this picture, I haven't washed it with Devlan Mud yet.

Here are some shots of the completed model. The last thing I did with it was to paint the wires on the Big Choppa with Snot Green then tone it down again with Devlan Mud.

Waiting for da boyz ta come!

This paint line-up is to show the different colours used for this model.

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and find it helpful. Total time for this model is an estimated of 9 hours!

"I underestimated Orky painting, the amount of details will really take up your time. I call this challengingly fun!"

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