Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sad to say, today will not be about 40k or WarHammer. I have received a horrifying news from my girlfriend and I have contacted some of my buddies to spread the word/news around.

Before I go on, please go read the news, it is posted at my friend Kevin Loh's blog, I asked for his help to post the news in his blog. The news is about Mr Colin being assaulted because of cultural issues in Malaysia.

Just to say my piece, I'm really ashamed on how some people can just behave in my country. Honestly these people consist of 20% of the people in Malaysia and I despise them. To me they are "trashes" who devolved from mankind and deserve to be eradicated. These people will take advantage over a tourist, primarily a Caucasian as they're perceived to have more money.

The big difference is educated and uneducated people. Educated people like us are civilised and well behaved. I'm a 1st year Psychology student in HELP University College and after seeing this incident, I hope that you will see the real Malaysia and realize the risks in it.

If you ever think of coming to Malaysia for a visit or a WarHammer game, be sure to drop me an email and I will gladly show you around when you're in town. But I can't afford to spend you since I live in a hostel and most of my money went to GW.

There are nice Malaysians too! Geez, am I disappointed with those people or what... I hope this goes into the local papers and arrest those little buggers!

Spread the news around too if you can.
Let's pray and hope Mr Colin, lecturer of Taylor's University College for a speedy recovery!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Painting - Ork Boyz

Well, after a series of busy days, I've managed to finish 9 Boyz and a Nob.

Here's a group shot of them.

Some of the free hand works I've done on them...

I practiced more on painting checks, it wasn't easy at first, but somehow or rather, it becomes natural and it's hard to resist not to paint checks on them...

Remember, practice makes you better, nobody's perfect. I still have to touch up on some of them too, looking at their weaponry, I will add more colour to their sluggas and choppas...

"Time for 10 more Boyz! Ya ready ladz?"

Friday, March 27, 2009

Why do you paint? - Inpsiration

Hi guys, I've been on a painting spree again, though I should be studying for my finals which are coming up in April, but it only takes a short while to memorize stuff right? :)

Well, as the title says, why do you paint?

I still remembered last year when I was starting with WarHammer40,000 and was dreading to paint, especially when I chose my first army to be the Tyranids. I had no idea on painting, no clue whatsoever. Should have went on youtube.com to watch some tutorials but it didn't occur to me to go search for an online tutorial.

I ended up painting my nids black, and used Shining Gold on them with some Scab Red, well, it looks good to any newbie painter.

Gone were the days my nids were black and gold, off they go into the brake fluid for paint removal...

After a few months I practically stripped all the paint from all of them to repaint them to a more deserving colour.

What was I thinking when I painted my nids black? I wanted a fast painted army so I can play fast, I was aiming to play back then. After a few months, I realized that since I wanna play the Tyranids and since I love the Tyranids so much, I should paint them properly. Maybe I could even win more often since they're painted well too!

So what I'm saying is, there are at least 4 kinds of painters, there should be more, but I'm shortlisting here.

Type 1: Paint to Play

Well, I was the paint to play kinda painter back then. It doesn't matter how they look, as long as they were painted, I'm happy enough. We can find these players often, there's nothing wrong, just that the person is more focused on the playing aspect on WarHammer.

Type 2: Paint for Fun

Some people paint just for fun, it's a hobby anyway, nothing wrong with that.

Type 3: Competitive Painting / Painting Services

These painters are the ones who sell their work. Everyone will realize their talent soon enough and will eventually make use of them to make some extra cash. They will also enter painting competitions and will strive to be the best known painter. Quality work is very important to them, and these are the extremely talented ones.

Type 4: Paint to Inspire

People paint because they're inspired, we all paint because we are inspired by another person's inspiring painting. We can be motivated to paint, but not inspired as inspiration hardly comes and we will look for these people as our role-models and examples to keep ourselves painting.

With that, I've found a good reason to paint, I want to inspire other people so I could start the cycle again for people to be inspired by me and they in turn will do the same thing.

Mini competition, count the number of inspire words in the previous passage... Used to many inspire already, I must be too inspired... I am a little bit of each type, just that I'm more towards the type 4 painter, I admit, there are more types of painters, but remember, this is just to sum it up...

"With that, I have a little idea of a project I'm going to do. Paint 20 'ard Boyz in a day, videotaped. It will be an insane task to finish so many Orks in a day and I can estimate it's going to take about 16-20 hours.

The plan is to start at 8am, finishing by 3am without stopping. Stopping is only allowed for toilet breaks and lunch and dinner breaks which will be bought back from a friend, maybe having a little back stretching or two... The video will be fast-forwarded into at least 5 minutes. The 20 Orks will start from being white basecoated and assembled with sand on the base. When it's done, it will be uploaded on youtube.com as the painting marathon. The quality of the Orks will of course be maintained with my current standard of painting with some free-hand here and there.

Of course, I will do it after my finals, which will be in mid-April. So wish me luck! I'm gonna go Orky krazy and do something that is just stretching the human limits. Come on people! It's time for you to inspire and support me!" XD

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

40K Comic Strips from Master Darksol of All Things 40K

Well, if you've noticed, to the right of the blog, I have a little section of comic strip. I decided to add it in my blog because I think Master Darksol's work is just amazing... For all you who have been reading the Turn Signals On A Land Raider comic strips, I find that Master Darksol's one is somehow better and well drawn...

Here are all the comics strip that he produced so far...

Now that's what I call an artist... To visit his blog and view some of his painting, go to All Things 40K and see for yourself...

"How I wish I could draw as good as him... Hope you guys enjoyed. So, from now onwards, I'll put his latest comic strip on the side of my blog and you guys can go check it out whenever there's a new one, you have to be patient for new ones though..."

Monday, March 23, 2009

Painting - Ork Nobz

Recently I've been very keen on doing free hands on my minis, especially for my Orks. With that, I found a theme to go with them. It happened when I was showering and thinking about the Janu-Waaagh-ry White Dwarf, and it just came to me, green flames... Better yet, green checks...

I've bought the Rotting Flesh paint a long time ago, and just realized that it's the closest green to white...

Other than that, the extensive use of Camo Green and Catachan Green really themes with the army, even the Gretchin Green Foundation Paint.

Here are some pictures, remember, they were basecoated with white, and it works well for me, so I'm still sticking with white as black makes me work harder for the same thing...

"I still need to practice drawing up symbols and glyphs before I go further. For those who are less couragous to do some free hand, give it a shot! You'll never know till you do it, just muster up the courage and confidence and you're all set!"

Featured Blog - A Writing Prescription, Dawn of War 2

Hi all, today I've got some review on Dawn of War 2. I've heard a lot about the game through my friends and I've heard about the game mechanics and I'm very interested in the game (Which 40k player won't be?). My friend Kevin wrote a review on the game with some images of in game graphics, so make sure you check out Kevin's A Writing Prescription today.

He also reviews on other PC games as well, so check it out if you have doubts on games and what not.

"Gonna get back to painting more Orks!"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Space Marines - Line Breakers

Alvin: Today we will be talking a little bit about Space Marines and how they're used to Break Lines? Maybe form a powerful line breaker squadron to punch through enemy lines.

Nahri, will be taking over from here...

Nahri: My preferred design philosophy when making an army is simple. Get close to the enemy, pause for a second to shoot em up, and then charge in to mop up whats left. I also prefer to design general take on all comers  list as I personally find it to be a lot more satisfying =P Space Marine's of course, are perfect for this type of play.

Now so that everyone can have an out frame understanding of what I will be talking about, I'll just share what my current list is, and then go into a little bit more detail later.

Captain Laertes (Vulkan He'stan)

1st Tactical Squad -1 Sergeant 9 Marines
Sergeant with Powerfist and Combi-Melta, Flamer, Lascannon
With Rhino as dedicated transport

2nd Tactical Squad - 1 Sergeant 9 Marines
Sergeant with Powerfist, Flamer, Lascannon
With Rhino as dedicated transport

Terminator Assault Squad - 5 Terminators
3x Thunder Hammer with Storm Shield
2X Paired Lightning Claws
With Imperial (Because CSM's dont have it!haha! =P) Land Raider Redeemer (with Multi-Melta) as a dedicated transport

Sternguard Veteran Squad - 5 Veterans
1 Veteran with Combi-Melta, Sergeant with melta bombs
With Razorback armed with Twin linked Lascannons as dedicated transport

Landspeeder Alpha with 2 Multi-Melta's
Landspeeder Beta with 2 Multi-Melta's

Scoring units 2-4(occasionally 5 if I swap a Landspeeder for Scouts)
Kill points 11-13
1500 pts

Captain Laertes (Vulkan He'stan)

The capabilities of Laertes (or Vulkan as he would be known to the Codex world) are fundamental to my tactics and are simply beautiful for they will last beyond whatever untimely demises might befall him. The fact that he allows you to treat all flamer,heavy flamer,melta and multi melta weapons (including his own heavy flamer) as twin linked exponentially improves both your close range anti-vehicle and anti-horde capabilities. 

On top of that he's a pretty mean force to be reckoned with in close combat and is the ideal partner to thunder hammer/storm shield equipped terminators as his WS6, I5, S6 attacks (with a mastercraft re-roll to boot) stands a good chance of inflicting wounds on monstrous creatures (which the Termie's can then polish off) or whittle down the number of models in an enemy unit, ork boyz come to mind, which also reduces the number of retaliatory attacks that will be delivered onto your terminators. (and then the Termie's can polish them off too =P)

The Venerable...10 Marine Tactical Squad...in a Rhino.

Unarguably the most flexible unit in the hobby. A full Tactical Space Marine squad is survivable, can dish out a respectable amount of damage, is particularly effective at crowd control when facing a horde list, and can be split into combat squads depending on  how you wish to take on a mission.

As great as they are though, if unsupported by the rest of your army you will often find yourself in a situation where your Tactical squad(s) are either A) Outnumbered Troop for Troop.. especially by horde list such as Orks,IG and Tyranids or B) Outclassed by the somewhat more specialized Troop choices of the other armies...CSM's (Eat plasma fire!!), Genestealers (omfg aaargh!),Grey Knights (holy omfg aaargh) and even Tau Fire Warrior's (Plasma fire buffet!!) are but a few that come to mind.

Ultimately you may be facing 40 guardsmen with inferior capabilities to your 10 Marines...but it has to be remembered that each and every one of those guardsmen DOES have the potential to kill a Marine...So dont be in a rush to go charging out in the open with your 3+ save power armor or you'll end up with as many dead marines as in a Soul Drinker novel!

Careful deployment and maneuver of your Tactical squads is crucial, hence the amount of tender love that Marine players often give to the ubiquitous Rhino. Essentially the Rhino gives the Marine player the ability to get his rapid fire shots or bolt pistol/flamer and charge combo in before the opponent does. In that sense Rhino=Initiative.

I personally also feel that the Power Fist is an essential bit of kit in the 10 marine squad, particularly when playing Leagues and tournaments, as the last thing you want to see is a 10 Marine squad being locked in close combat by a dreadnaught or Monstrous Creature for the duration of a game. (Ideally of course, one should not allow one's precious Tactical squad to BE charged by such a menace in the first place. Unless you have something to finish off what your power fisted Sergeant started whaling on)

Redemption is at hand!

Aaaah...the Land Raider Redeemer. Now, this is a tank that all players should at the very least respect... if not fear.

Simply said the pro's of the Redeemer are , 
- the S6 AP3 Flamestorm cannons that will create vast holes in anything but the most elite units of any army. 
- the durability to be expected of any Land Raider
- the assault ramp that gives you an 18" threat radius for some seriously heavy hitters

Some have even begun to argue that the Redeemer is the best Land Raider chassis around, and vis a vis the Crusader...I shall agree =P

The Redeemer does face problems against mobile armies however (Beware the Eldar and Tau), and a poor deployment of it against such foes will often result in the inability to use the Flamestorm cannons to its intended devastating effect. While yes, it does come with an assault cannon and a multi-melta, the inability to bring those flamers to bear, for this list, could mean the inability to take down sufficient numbers of the enemy to assure a victory.

Thunder Hammer Time

Now, many veteran marine players will look at the 3 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield and 2 Paired Lightning Claws setup and go "What the deuce?Why not just take em all as TH/SS'ers?!"

Again, this is a personal preference based on League necessity. Like Captain Laertes, the paired lightning claw termies are there to reduce the number of retaliatory hits that will inevitably be brought to bear on my TH/SS terminators by the massed number of Gaunts or Ork boyz that are out there. It also assures me a chance of causing wounds against other I4 units particularly in the off chance that the opponent is packing something like a Chaplain, Librarian or something similar(yes, unfortunately the killing of Brother Space Marines is quite a common occurrence in the 40k universe) and perhaps more importantly gives me the option of NOT attaching Laertes to the Terminators without having to worry about them being bullied by models with quicker motor skills, just in case there is more than one really badass enemy HQ or units that I need to be engaging in close combat with. 
More on this in a moment.

Veterans of the First

If it were only because of the Hellfire Rounds, I would always recommend the Sternguard...and they have three other types of kickass ammunition to boot! Almost as flexible as the Tactical squad (and I say almost only because they cant claim objectives unless under the command of Pedro Kantor, but thats another list altogether) Sternguard veterans are useful for everything from crowd control to taking down Monstrous Creatures such as Carnifexes,Wraithlords and Necron Stargods... which they might even accomplish in a single rapid fire volley if your lucky.

Like the Rhino's of their less experienced Tactical brothers, the Razorback is there to give them the initiative, and is a respectable anti-vehicle unit in its own right. When faced with armies that have multiple MC's that need to be taken down quickly I sometimes will attach Captain Laertes to the Sternguard rather than the terminators. I would then deploy Laertes from the Razorback to move into position for a charge while the Sternguard deploy separately to provide a rapid fire volley. This is a somewhat tricky maneuver to pull of as it often relies on your opponent doing what you want him to do in one of his turns (whilst simultaneously not taking out your Razorback) but has proven effective for me in the past as it allowed me to take out two very nasty units in a single turn at an early stage of the game. (One with the terminators and redeemer, and the other with a massed hellfire volley from the sternguard followed by a coup d'grace by Laertes)

Melta Delivery Service

Landspeeders. Two of em. With two twin linked multi melta's each. As a fast vehicle you have an effective 2D6 melta range of 18" with an effective S8 AP1 threat range of 30"!... And you can even deep strike them.

Furthermore at 80 points a pop, I don't mind all that much about deep striking one next to say...an enemy land raider for that one hit wonder opportunity.(One twin linked Multi-Melta will still make most opponents cringe when its in the magic melta range) However I generally avoid using them in such all or nothing methods(unless my opponents deployment gave me no other choice) as I find that the Double Twin Linked Land Speeder is equally as good at catching an unwary opponent totally off guard with its 30" threat area (Potentially murder 2 terminators a turn each) as it is at cooking tanks...80 points...marvelous.

My only regret is that half the time I have been forced to swap out a speeder for a sniper scout squad as my second landspeeder was lost in the warp while in transit from the UK, and its presence in a game depends on whether I can borrow one off someone else! (A permanent replacement will soon be appropriated hopefully)

LineBreakers - an overview

This list has served me very well over the past 2 or 3  months that I have been running it, with only one significant loss to a thrice accursed Eldar army. (Fast tanks, Farseer's and Phoenix Lords verdamnt!!)

It has to be aggressively played though, as with a maximum of 4 scoring units (five if I'm playing the scout squad) this is not the army list that will forgive you if you don't get your heavy hitter's out and dealing damage early in the game. Armies with numerous elite close combat units (Blood Angels, Black Templar) can also prove very challenging, and represent one of those situations where the effective maneuvering of the Tactical squads and use of the Redeemer will prove decisive. 

Annihilation missions can also prove to be pretty tough, as Rhino's, Razorbacks and Landspeeders aren't the most survivable vehicles around. Still if one can use them effectively early in the game (killing enemy tanks and getting closer/into good positions) the surviving units often do stand a reasonable chance of making sure things stay in your favor.

All in all, I find this to be a fun list that really makes you work for the win. Fall for the myth of Marine invincibility and you will suffer dearly, but strike swiftly and hard (control the flow of the game by forcing the opponent to react to your plans rather than vice versa) as a true Astartes should and you will appreciate just how high on crack the Marines can be. Hard work for the win, but victory becomes all the more satisfying because of it.

Alvin: Well, i feel that the army has used a lot of the new advantages from the latest release of the Space Marines codex, and it's very tough to beat...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

On my painting table

Well, in response to the Bell of Lost Soul's What's on your painting table? This is what I'm working on for now...

A huge mob of Ork Boyz and some Ork Nobz from the AoBR (Assault on Black Reach) set...

If you notice to the right, those are cough syrups, I've been coughing like mad recently, I hope the syrup doesn't make me sleepy in the day...

One of my painting steps involves the use of the Thraka Green wash, but I noticed that instead of darkening the recesses of the skin, it actually brightened it up!

Take a close look at the mini's head...

If anyone could let me know what is the cause for it and how to counter it, I would really appreciate it...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Getting back on track...

Finally, after I'm done with my presentation movie for my Project Management subject, I could get back on track to continue working on my Orks...

I've assembled all these and filed their mould lines off, based them and sprayed them...

Well, the picture here shows them when they're still fresh from assembly...

Sometimes people feel intimidated when they paint by batches, I just felt that it's more challenging, as there are more than 20 Orks that I'm gonna paint at once... Not to mention, increasing the painting speed and quality at the same time...

"Batch painting, yum yum..."

Monday, March 16, 2009

Da Orky taktikz - Battlewagon vs Trukk

I recently played a 700 point game with my Orks. This is the army list that I've used...

Warboss with Power Klaw, eavy armour, Cybork Body, Boss Pole, kombi-skorcha and an attack squig

5 Nobz, 1 Painboy
4 Big choppaz, 1 power klaw, all of them had cybork bodies and eavy armour.

20 Shoota Boyz

Heavy Support
Battlewagon with 3 big shootas, armour platings, deff rolla, and a red paint job.

Trukk with wreckin' ball, boarding plank, red paint job.

Now, the focus is on the 2 vehicles...

Ork Battlewagon: This big thing costs only 150 points and it's an Ork version of a Land Raider! The benefit of this big wagon is that you can fit 20 boyz in there and not to mention, it can move 7" and the 20 boyz in there can fire at will... Not to mention, it provides protection for the boyz too, I feel like buying more Battlewagons, it's just too good not to take more...

The deff rolla can really cause mayhem especially towards infantry, it's way worth it's points. Always bring one!

Ork Trukk: An Ork Trukk is way cheaper though it carries less models, but it's enough for 10 Nobz and a Warboss to ride it. Having the capability to allow anything inside to shoot out, it also serves as a fear factor on the table.

The boarding plank can scare away other vehicles and the wrekin' ball is just scary, nobody would want to go near this thing, especially when there are Nobz in it!

Over all, I will definitely think of getting more Battlewagons and Trukks for my future games. Have a good day!

"Been really busy these days, assignments, presentations and events going on, my sleeping time has reduced immensely, what about my hobby time?"

Friday, March 13, 2009

How to keep and transport a big Tyranid army. 3000 points.

Recently I've bought an Intersponge carry case from Singapore, my friend Izwan went to Singapore for a holiday, so he helped me pick it up. The carry case was meant for my Orks and various other miniatures that I have.

For my Tyranids, I use a toolbox instead. Since I have close to 3,000 points, a toolbox is the cheapest alternative of transportation.

So today, I will be talking on how to safely transport a Tyranid army. The main process is packing of course.

This family picture of my Tyranids were taken a long time ago.
The contents are:
2 Hive Tyrants (One with wings)
4 Carnifexes
3 Raveners
9 Tyranid Warriors
1 Zoanthrope
1 Broodlord
2 Lictors
32 Genestealers
40 Termagants
32 Hormagaunts
8 Spinegaunts
2 Ripper swarms in bases.

The toolbox I use is this, Toyogo toolbox, it is extremely cheap, I bought it off a friend for RM 26, shoul be around $ 7.5 USD. The top has lots of compartments, suitable for small miniatures and bits.

Just fit in the 2 Ripper swarm bases in the small compartment. They'll be safe since they can't move around the area in the space.

First off, I've cut a cardboard that will fit the base of the toolbox, as you can see, these are monstrous creature base sizes.

Fit the 2 Hive Tyrants in the holes to ensure they don't move around.

The Raveners were just positioned in empty spaces.

I got a 750ml container to fill up the Gaunts. Arrange them neatly to maximise the space in the container.

There's 32 of them in one container.

Set them aside the Hive Tyrants at the lower part of the toolbox.

Just start keeping the miniatures in the containers and make sure they have enough space so you won't snap anything when you close the lid.

Some of my unfinished Tyranids.

The unfinished category in their own container.

Arrange it in a manner that when you close the toolbox, you won't touch any miniatures. I didn't put a lid in the picture below, as there are parts that are jutting out of the container, so I left it open since to top cover won't touch the minis.

I filled up the empty part with the metal minis.

Make sure you maximize the space usage in the container.

These are peanut foams, yummmm...

Use the peanut foams to fill up the entire area and make sure it covers the mini as I will put more minis on top.

Arrange the Carnifexes/Carnifexi? in a manner they don't clase and they don't move. To ensure they don't move that much during transportation, fill up the empty spaces with peanut foams.

I scattered the Warriors around since they're plastic and the paint won't chip that easily.

Viola! All the Tyranids in one good toolbox.

"There will be minimum damage, though I've never seen any of my minis missing a limb due to transportation, the paint might chip a little here and there. Still, it needs careful transportation, just don't go throwing the toolbox around."