Friday, March 27, 2009

Why do you paint? - Inpsiration

Hi guys, I've been on a painting spree again, though I should be studying for my finals which are coming up in April, but it only takes a short while to memorize stuff right? :)

Well, as the title says, why do you paint?

I still remembered last year when I was starting with WarHammer40,000 and was dreading to paint, especially when I chose my first army to be the Tyranids. I had no idea on painting, no clue whatsoever. Should have went on to watch some tutorials but it didn't occur to me to go search for an online tutorial.

I ended up painting my nids black, and used Shining Gold on them with some Scab Red, well, it looks good to any newbie painter.

Gone were the days my nids were black and gold, off they go into the brake fluid for paint removal...

After a few months I practically stripped all the paint from all of them to repaint them to a more deserving colour.

What was I thinking when I painted my nids black? I wanted a fast painted army so I can play fast, I was aiming to play back then. After a few months, I realized that since I wanna play the Tyranids and since I love the Tyranids so much, I should paint them properly. Maybe I could even win more often since they're painted well too!

So what I'm saying is, there are at least 4 kinds of painters, there should be more, but I'm shortlisting here.

Type 1: Paint to Play

Well, I was the paint to play kinda painter back then. It doesn't matter how they look, as long as they were painted, I'm happy enough. We can find these players often, there's nothing wrong, just that the person is more focused on the playing aspect on WarHammer.

Type 2: Paint for Fun

Some people paint just for fun, it's a hobby anyway, nothing wrong with that.

Type 3: Competitive Painting / Painting Services

These painters are the ones who sell their work. Everyone will realize their talent soon enough and will eventually make use of them to make some extra cash. They will also enter painting competitions and will strive to be the best known painter. Quality work is very important to them, and these are the extremely talented ones.

Type 4: Paint to Inspire

People paint because they're inspired, we all paint because we are inspired by another person's inspiring painting. We can be motivated to paint, but not inspired as inspiration hardly comes and we will look for these people as our role-models and examples to keep ourselves painting.

With that, I've found a good reason to paint, I want to inspire other people so I could start the cycle again for people to be inspired by me and they in turn will do the same thing.

Mini competition, count the number of inspire words in the previous passage... Used to many inspire already, I must be too inspired... I am a little bit of each type, just that I'm more towards the type 4 painter, I admit, there are more types of painters, but remember, this is just to sum it up...

"With that, I have a little idea of a project I'm going to do. Paint 20 'ard Boyz in a day, videotaped. It will be an insane task to finish so many Orks in a day and I can estimate it's going to take about 16-20 hours.

The plan is to start at 8am, finishing by 3am without stopping. Stopping is only allowed for toilet breaks and lunch and dinner breaks which will be bought back from a friend, maybe having a little back stretching or two... The video will be fast-forwarded into at least 5 minutes. The 20 Orks will start from being white basecoated and assembled with sand on the base. When it's done, it will be uploaded on as the painting marathon. The quality of the Orks will of course be maintained with my current standard of painting with some free-hand here and there.

Of course, I will do it after my finals, which will be in mid-April. So wish me luck! I'm gonna go Orky krazy and do something that is just stretching the human limits. Come on people! It's time for you to inspire and support me!" XD

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