Saturday, May 30, 2009

Holy Crap! (and post #100)

I've read about it over the internet, but I didn't get to watch it since my connection was so slow. Since I saw it, I think everyone should see it.

Real nice! The game's for xbox 360.

Oh, and I actually hoped that they would do a CG animated trailer instead of using in game graphics. Man, THQ can really kick our you know what with their CG trailers...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Painting - Alpha Legion

Hi guys, I've been quite busy recently, since I have lots of work to do. But I've managed to paint up 4 more guys for my Alpha Legion army. The Icon Bearer has been painted last week, but I added him into the picture just for fun...

I really enjoy painting their shoulder pads. I'll be using some loyalist marine parts on them when I want to paint more. I just need more back packs from the Chaos Space Marines.

I won't be able to paint for the next few nights as I'm too busy designing a wallpaper for an assignment. I might do a 40k related one if I can...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review - What paint brushes should you buy?

Hope you enjoyed another comic strip by Master Darksol from All Things 40K. I like the fact that you can see the expression on that Guardian's face, it was so =__=" after he heard the pun. The pun guy really reminds me of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. Nice, thanks Master Darksol for this one!

Back to today's topic after I got a little attention from you. Today I'll be talking about paint brushes. I've been painting for almost a year and a half, so I've practically used up lots and lots of paint brushes. Some lasted me long, some died fast, and some were just victims of my lack of knowledge back then.

I'll be talking about some of the brands I've used so far. I've never ever thought of buying cheap brushes. Simply because I believe in quality. If the brush I'm paying for is meant to paint miniatures, it will do it's job splendidly.

The first brand is The Army Painter. Created by 2 gentlemen (I believe it's 2). These brushes are created by war-gamer painters for war-gamer painters. I hope you take some time to browse through their site and learn about how they make their brushes.

The bristles on these brushes have specific kinds of material used for specific brushes. It's to control the flow of the paint, the amount of paint it can hold and how it would release paint. I would say that it's a genius! The handle is made in a triangular shape so that our hands could hold it better. This helps those who have bigger fingers or hands. Simply because holding a rounded small surfaced object will cause your fingers to be tired.

The only thing is, for the more detailed brushes, I tend to hold the brush closer towards the bristle for more control. Meaning, it's very difficult to hold for the more detailed ones, though after some time, I got used to it and it was very good anyway.

Prices for the brushes are reasonable. That's why I got myself a new set of brushes. The Army Painter, recommended.

Next up, Citadel. Out best friends at GW who sells us miniatures also has brushes to sell for us to paint them of course.

I've actually used some of the brushes and found that the Fine Detail brush performed quite well. Though it's life span was short. Look at the brush closely and you may see the bristles have nearly fallen completely off. Citadel Brushes tend to lose it's bristles. Even when I use the Standard Brush, without reason, the bristles just keep coming out.

I used the Dry Brush to it's maximum potential and I find it very satisfying to use.

Bottom line is, for the price you're paying, GW brushes will last you, just not that long. I would consider them as "disposable/expendable brushes" for very rough use.

Some of us might have heard of Tamiya, some of us might not. These brushes are not that cheap and they actually last quite a while. I only use them when my other brushes need to "rest". But I think I won't be buying anymore of this brand. Tamiya makes car, plane, bike and other models, so their brush is more of a multi-purpose kind of brush. And the bristles always separate and fray after a while.

The wooden handle on this brush peeled off as a result of me accidentally leaving it in the water cup overnight. I was painting the night before and I immediately went to sleep forgetting about the brush, so the next morning the wood started to chip and peel off.

I've been using the Red Sable Kolinsky 0 by Vallejo since I've been painting my Tyranids, meaning that this brush here has lasted me more than 200 miniatures already. The condition is slowly deteriorating, but as long as the bristles are still intact, they're good. For the price I paid, I'm very satisfied with it.

The second brush was used for more extreme detailing. Though I find myself rarely using it. The paint tends to dry up right before I can even reach the miniature. So I'll just keep it till I need it. I use it to paint scripts on purity seals, but it takes a little bit of mixing with water to ensure the paint won't dry up that fast.

I'll be looking for more brands of brushes as I continue on painting, though we develop a favourite all time brush, it will eventually die out of extreme usage.

Remember DO NOT BUY CHEAP BRUSHES. Invest in some quality brushes and I can assure you, you won't be so frustrated to have dead brushes lying around.

"Been busy these few days again, though I'm painting whenever I have the time, there just doesn't seem to be enough time. Thanks for reading."

Friday, May 22, 2009

Painting - Alpha Legion Icon Bearer

Recently, I've been very busy as mentioned. But I managed to paint up this guy here while I'm in my room. I'll be working on more of the Alpha Legion that I have.

I enjoy painting the shoulder pad, it really is fun. Adds up to a whole lot of details towards the miniature...

"Back to paint!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Painting - 'ard Boyz and Alpha Legion

Since I haven't posted any of my painted stuff for some time, I decided to post some of my painted stuff today. I was really busy, since Uni has continued and I had lots of orders to make for lots of customers, thanks to the price adjustment that will follow in about 10 days...

So I've finished up a couple of my 'ard Boyz. My hands had some tremors during then, which means I resorted to lots of flame painting.

The tremors weren't that bad anymore, so I decided to do some checks on them...

This is what I've been painting recently. Alpha Legion. The pathetic attempt of NMM (Non-Metallic Metal) was shown on the cloth of the Chaos Icon.

Now this is my favourite part, the Alpha Legion Hydra on the shoulder pad. I intentionally bought some of these to give it a go, and it seems that it really does look good on the model itself! I'm really liking it...

"Off to paint up the whole squad..."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blog upkeep.

This blog has been running thanks to the readers and mainly fueled by my 40k addiction. I will have to upkeep the blog and make it a little neat and tidy since I'm already nearing 100 posts.

Meanwhile, I've been painting quite a lot recently, I will post up some photos when the sun comes up. Since taking photos at night doesn't really help.

"Plan plan plan..."

News: GW Price Increase List

Hi there, we've all heard of the rumours that the prices are increasing in the GW range of products here's the list of items that is scheduled to be increased on the 1st of June.

My suggestion is, either stock up now, or buy in huge piles!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I haven't got hold to the other pictures yet from my other committee members so I'll just post up the ones I have from my roommate's camera.

The HMFC (HELP Miniature Fight Club) was started by me last year, roughly during May, the official date was on the 31st of May, where we had the first C2AGE event. Our club booth was underestimated so we were put in a place where it isn't very promising.

So this year, we were repositioned, not by my choice, though I had to go along with it. The position of our booth wasn't that bad, I hoped it would be better though...

We invited Nahri, Jin Aan, Jai Vin and Zaki to help us, thanks to them our day was smoother and they helped us make the place more livelier. Everyone helped in running the casual games and taught some interested guests to play in the demo games...

We started the day by arranging all the miniatures I brought, since most of my committee members aren't painters, I'm the only one who has the most.

So I decided to take a huge family photo of all the miniatures I've painted. On the two tables here are miniatures that have been completed over the time of 1 year and 5 months. I have many more which are uncompleted or just not assembled.

The 2 Chaos Terminator Lords were set on the turn table. Since they were my best painted miniatures, I figured that they deserved to be on the little turn table to grab more attention.

This is Radin, he's our staff advisor and he used to work for GW when he was studying in Australia. Now he works in my college. He chose to paint on the day itself.

This was just for fun...

We had lots of visitors taking pictures at our booth.

Nahri's Fallen were used to create some dramatic effect. Who do you bet will win if you think the dice were to roll? Haha...

I still have to put the grass on the base... Keep forgetting to do it...

Jin Aan (seated) was having a game against Jai Vin, it was 1750 Grey Knights Vs 2000+ Space Marines. Reason of the point imbalance was mainly because the Grey Knights were using 3 Land Raiders. And it was just for fun anyway!

Boss Snikrot made an appearance!

These are my roommate's miniatures.

The next game was Zaki's Tyranids Vs Jin Aan's 3 Land Raider Grey Knights!

And after that, the camera man went MIA. Now I need to grab the photos from the other members. There were supposed to be photos of the Demo Games, I just have to get them.

Mission: To spread awareness of the hobby and game.
Status: Success..

"I'm planning something for the Asian community of WarHammer bloggers now, hopefully it would be executed by the end of this month."

Saturday, May 16, 2009


You know you're at risk of starting a new army when you start to make the army list in your head and thinking about the colour scheme...

I'm a guy who likes spikes, skulls, metal stuff, pentagrams, violent chaotic stuff that somehow looks very brutally brutal. So I've gone to the Chaos, Orks, Tyranids, and even my marines are brutal....

With that aside...

Today our University College had an event called the C2AGE, it stands for Cosplay Comics Anime Games Exhibition, our club responded by openning a booth dedicated to WarHammer 40,000 and had some demo games running whilst educating people about the game. I will post the pictures up once I get them.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Painting - 'ard Boyz

My hands are seriously having such unnecessary tremors. As you can see from the checks I've been painting, it hasn't been very satisfying. I plan to fix it once the "tremor season" of my hands are gone. Either that or I'll have to look for a solution...

One with flash.

Another without flash from the camera.

"I'll have to stick to painting flames for now...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Alvin's little prediction on 40k...

Well, I had some free time and my hands had tremors going on, so I put my painting on hold for a moment... As you have noticed, I put some of you guys up there since you guys either recently commented or post lots of comments on my blog, thanks for that.

As we have been reading blogs and listening to the whispers in the wind, we hear lots of stuff about what's gonna be new and what not. I'm just gonna list some of the rumours and what I think will be released in the coming months or years, more on the 40k side. Especially for those who read BoLS a lot...

These are my predictions:

1) Plastic Gargoyles, I've been putting lots of thoughts on these, please make it true.

2) Plastic Trygon, it's rumoured to be released, but I'm betting that it will be.

3) There will be a new kind of Tyranid, maybe a transport for them??

4) The new race should be Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys!! Who knows?

5) Grey Knights might get a good bump.

6) Necrons will be remade. I meant new range of miniatures.

7) Orks will get more goodies like bits, upgrades, conversions.

8) Probably, probably there will be a Codex for each and every Chaos God. I wish...

9) With Hunters might be released in plastic?

10) New Codices will have more AP 2 weapons... I suppose the balancing system has to start somewhere...

11) Each subsequent updated Codex will receive a plastic Titan for a release... Don't you see the trend?

12) Lord of the Rings will slowly die away... Come on, it's just a ring, get over with it, there's a universe to fight for...

13) Eldar might get some plastic stuff? That's a long shot...

14) Dark Eldar will eventually be released and be the cheesiest army there is at that time... Way to make a come back huh?

15) Close-combat weapons will have a proper purpose... Would you rather have 2 close combat weapons or 2 pistols, they give the same number of attacks but the pistols can shoot... A close combat weapon is useless without a pistol...

16) Space Monkeys!!!

17) Tau might get something uber for close combat in their new codex.

18) There will be more flyers in the games...

19) Did I mention LoTR will slowly die away? No offense, but I really think it will...

20) GW will hike up the prices of ALL plastic... I certainly do hope not, but it's what I predict...

Finally, one last question, where do Chaos Space Marines get their Power Armour? I've read around and it's normally from the pre-Heresy, but do they steal them too? I mean, do they kill the Space Marines then steal their armour? I don't know how they do it, but input on this would be appreciated.

I wanted to use some loyalist parts, especially the legs and armour for my Alpha Legion, do drop a comment and let me know...

"I'll just be painting while I wait..."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Painting - Chaos Terminator Lord

After a long 10 day break at my hometown, finally I got back to my hostel to finish up some awaiting painting.

It took me another day to finalize the Chaos Terminator Lord.

The one on the left was the one I previously painted, and the one on the right is the most recent one.

Looking the same... That's the main idea when it comes to painting both of them...

"We are all Alpharius!"

"Time to get more things done..."