Monday, June 29, 2009

Golden Kris 2009

Jeff made a video out of the Golden Kris 2009. Check it out, really awesome!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Legio Malaysia's Birthday Tourney and Painting Comp

Man, today was fun! It was the Legio's first birthday celebration that we all expected since May. There was the Combat Patrol Tournament and the Golden Kris painting competition.

I brought my Alpha Legion's Chaos Terminator Lord to the competition for Single Model Category, my Ork Nobz mob for the Unit Category and my Ork Battlewagon for the Large Model/Vehicle Category since my Hive Tyrant looks unfinished.

Enough talk, here are some of the many pictures I took.

Eldrad Ulthuan looks amazing, it's the model that won the Golden Kris and the first place in the Single Model Category.

The Banshees won first place in the Unit Category followed by the Plaguebearers and my Ork Nobz which got third. The Banshees were my favourite.

Da Nobz got to play!

Jeff brought some of his miniatures for display, since he is the judge, his miniatures aren't in the competition.

Subahan's Demon Prince won third place for the Large Model/Vehicles Category.

Azlan's Thousand Sons Rhino got second place! My Battlewagon didn't stand a chance.

Here are just some pictures from the Combat Patrol.

Oooh, I love Joe's Daemons. They have the bases from Micro Art Studios... His painting is awesome too!

The one in red is Joe.

These are the prizes to be won.

Best Combat Patrol Appearance Award goes to Joe's Daemon army!

Best sportsmanship goes to the guy with a big smile. I didn't get the names of some of the guys, so I'll just be vague here.

Best gamer and champion of the Combat Patrol Tournament goes to Peter! Congratulations to Peter!

Joe's Flamer of Tzeentch got third in the Single Category.

This guy's Daemonette got second.

First place goes to Khairul's Eldrad!

Haha, I got third for the Unit Category with my Ork Nobz.

Joe's Plaguebearers were awesome and he won second place! He says it's because of his base. :P

Khairul won first place yet again for his Howling Banshees!

Third place for Large Model goes to Subahan! His Demon Prince is mean!

Second place for this category went to Azlan's Thousand Sons Rhino, he had to leave early, so Jeff pretended as if Azlan was there.

First place went to this guy's Avatar of Khaine.

Khairul won the People's Choice Award for his Eldrad Ulthuan.

Haha, this guy is the overall winner and he got the Golden Kris!

And a purity seal as well!

The winners of the Golden Kris Competition.

From left to right: Joe, me, *guy who I didn't get the name*, Subahan, and Khairul.

Winners from the Combat Patrol Tourney.

From left to right: Joe, Peter, and guy with big smile!

Irony = Chaos Space Marines won the purity seal! Haha, Peter deserved it anyway.

Me Orks with their newly claimed prize.

"Boss, can we use it fer da stompa? Me power klaw shall do da trick!"

All in all, I've learnt a lot today. I spent a lot of time studying the paintings of my competitors, though I can say that I've seen lots of talents at both painting and gaming today.

I shall be prepared for next year! XD

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Iron Warriors have arrived...

Since my Chaos Terminators haven't arrived, I decided to put an Iron Warrior with Lascannon together. It only took me 4-5 hours from preparation to completion.

Here are some pictures.

Alliance is pledged towards the Alpha Legion!

I gave him the soot covered look instead of the shiny new guy.
Here's the breakdown of paints I used on him:
1) Boltgun Metal
2) Chaos Black
3) Shining Gold
4) Red Gore
5) Scab Red
6) Snot Green
7) Scorpion Green
8) Badab Black wash

The reds were only used for the wire and the greens for the Alpha Legion symbol. Boltgun Metal was used to highlight the metallic surface after the wash. I didn't want to make this mini shining and sparkly.

I'm gonna make some Iron Warriors with Lascannons, Autocannons, Missile Launchers and Heavy Bolters, basically all the heavy weapons the Chaos Havocs can take. They may be included into my Alpha Legion army as Chaos Havocs and obviously the Alpha Legion are using the Iron Warriors. Since the Alpha Legion hates the Ultramarines, Iron Warriors hate the Imperial Fists, they seem to go along quite well...

I'll let the Alpha Legion carry the Assault Weapons and Rapid Fire Weapons, I might alternate that option, but it all still depends.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Finish the 5 guys last night, since it was sundown already so I didn't bother to take the picture last night.

I enjoy looking at them all grouped up, I really like the colour and impression they give when they are all together. Now I know why I like horde armies.

I will be working on something surprising soon. Since my Chaos Terminators aren't here yet.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Painting - Alpha Legion with Meltas... And more Alpha Legion men...

I've been working hard for the past few days, working side by side with my assignments, presentation preparations and painting at the same time. These days I'm so tired I sleep early every night. Still, I'm churning out miniatures at a rate fast enough...

Last night I finished this 2 guys with Meltas here...

Today I went to Comics Mart to watch a few games, tough I intended to have a game, but time wasn't on my side. I agreed to go back early just so I can paint up the 5 more guys that are waiting for their turn...

Tomorrow is my Sunday. No plans to go out, no plans for anything else. I will diligently, quietly in a hardworking state of mind, sit down on my chair and finish all 5 of them.

Too bad I finished listening to 40k radio today, the 1 hour show was too short, I wish they have the mega-sode again... 3 hours of Spencer, Scott and Chipley will entertain me while I'm painting...

"Looks like my Orks have been neglected for a moment, but as long as I'm still churning out painted stuff, I'm happy since it's productive..."