Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When Super Glue attacks! Visit http://gluedmyfingers.blogspot.com

Before I begin, I would like to share that today is the first time I received a parcel from GW that contains so much metal.

From the picture below, you will see:
2x Iron Warriors Conversion Pack
1x Iron Warriors Warsmith
1x Iron Warriors Shoulder Pads
1x Alpha Legion Shoulder Pads
1x Black Legion Shoulder Pads
2x Chaos Havoc with Autocannon

That's 8 blisters in total!

Well, after washing and removing the tabs off the metal, I got a cut on my finger, which is no big deal, since I always get it when using the knife.

I assembled and worked on the Iron Warriors Warsmith first. Wow, was thinking of letting him stand on a piece of a destroyed vehicle, what style!

I used my all time favourite, high volume, high reliability high powered super glue to do the gluing. In Malay, "Gam Gajah Kuat" literally translates to Strong Elephant Glue, I think you get the idea.

What I'm saying is, the nozzle was kinda stuck when I wanted to glue the Rhino part on to the base for my Warsmith. Seeing that it's stuck, I put more pressure by pressing it a little harder, that's when it decided to attack me! The nozzle "un-stucked" itself by bursting out a load of super glue, hitting most of my left fingers and hand with it.

Luckily there were no minis nearby.

I gave my friend a call and got some nail polish remover from her. Acetone from nail polish removers are claimed to be able to dissolve super glue.

I would say it only worked when I use it to dissolve the glue on my nails. It does not exactly dissolve the glue on the fingers... And remember the cut I told you about? Acetone burns the cut!!! Wash hands with soap after you're done cleaning even if it didn't work...

This is what remains on my hand even after soaking my fingers in the nail polish remover...

Take a read here if you glued your hands or something.

Other than that, tonight's progress has been delayed for a few hours. That's sad. Well, with hard fingers now, getting back to work with the Warsmith...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gamers Warehouse + Neodymium Disc Magnets + Cheap Green Stuff = Great hobby time.

Hi guys, I just want to inform you guys that I've received 400 pieces of Neodymium Disc Magnets. I have them in 1mm and 2mm form (200 pieces of each).

Prices are as follows:
10 pieces of 1mm = RM 8
10 pieces of 2mm = RM 10

Please buy them in 10's as it makes it easier for me to calculate and keep track. Also, some of them has already been sold, so if you want your fix, better let me know quick before they run out. Nevertheless, I can now have a consistent supply of these little magnets.

Also, one of the most used supply in the hobby is green stuff. As you can see from the picture, those are Gale Force 9's Green Stuff, 100g for RM 55. It's the cheapest of green stuff you can ever get, I assure you.

And I'm sure that most of you have noticed that on the top left of the blog there is a little banner of Gamers Warehouse, 15% off and Free Shipping! Gamers Warehouse is my current supplier and I'm considered their affiliate.

So for you guys who usually buy from the same online store, give Gamers Warehouse a shot, it's cheap, fast, reliable and the person who runs it is extremely friendly.

Also, do remember to check out what I have in stock as I too maintain a high stock inventory, though not as much as Gamers Warehouse, but I have enough and might meet what you need. I also supply at 15% off rrp, though I can't give free shipping yet at the moment. Not to mention, if you support me, sometime in the future you will get to see a new hobby store meant for table top games and such.

To add up to that, I also help anyone who wants to start with the hobby of Warhammer 40,000 or Warhammer Fantasy. I'll introduce the tools, supplies and guide you to start your army. So if you're new, or have been blog hopping while checking out which army to start, you can always ask me questions on how to start with the hobby.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alpha Legion Rhino with Forge World doors!

Finally, this Rhino here took me a few days to complete! I would say it's not easy to paint it as the paint tends to show a lot of brush strokes or staining from the paint. But in the end it gave the look as if it's either blue or green, i wanted to give the impression that it's sort of 2 colours in one.

I will paint my other 3 Rhinos at the same time, just so that the other 3 will have consistent colours. This Rhino here might be reserved for my Chosen Chaos Space Marines. Oh, and if you're wondering, I didn't put any of the spiky bits since I wanted to ensure that my Rhinos can be played in both Chaos Space Marines and the Space Marines codex. Enough ranting, here are the pictures...

Just a shot with the rest of the guys.

I guess I'll have to start working on my Iron Warriors, since I'm going back to my hometown soon...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Working on a more focused piece of the army...

I've been quiet these few days, mainly because I'm working on this...

Almost completed...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Army's progress, more Alpha Legionaires.

Well, I've been quite busy thanks to lots of gaming in the last two days. I've managed to finish these three guys before my gaming time and they managed to join the fight.

I'm currently working on more Iron Warriors to add to my Alpha Legion's army. I'm still waiting for the Iron Warrior's shoulder pads to arrive from GW, so I guess I'll just paint some while it's en route.

I kinda have a good feeling about this guy here. Though he has a power fist, I'm just gonna paint him up to keep, since my list doesn't have any Iron Warrior Champion with a power fist.

Well, I ordered the Warsmith and more Iron Warriors conversion packs from GW, hopefully they arrive soon, I'm eager to assemble them up to paint them.

Recently my bunch of friends pooled together to make a purchase from Forge World, I've got my self Alpha Legion doors for 4 Rhinos and 1 Land Raider. Can't wait to get my hands on them too!

With that said, I'm broke!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hobby Tip - Saving space in your room.

Good day! I'll start off today by saying that I've been painting recently, and I'll post up some of my newly painted stuff tomorrow, though it will be on the Alpha Legion again... Nevertheless, I'm still painting!

OK, first of, ever since I've started with 40k, I've noticed that there is a disease called chronic-lack-of-space. My room will get cluttered with sprues and bits from various box sets, especially when I buy things like Space Marines or Chaos Space Marines. Even my Tyranids and Orks have lots and lots of spare bits I'm never going to use.

Do we throw these things away? Definitely not! We will never know how useful it is when we need them for a conversion or when we have those insane ideas of army building thingy...

Within my 40k timeline, I've actually gained lots and lots of sprues, especially used up ones and probably some with barely a few pieces left.

So, in order to save space in my room, I've decided to do the most organized thing I can ever think of, cutting the bits and putting them into a box! Let's take a look.

These sprues have been emptied off the bits.

The bits were then organized in these boxes that I bought from ACE Hardware. They only cost me RM 6.50 each and these are the last of them from ACE.

This is what it looks like inside. Bits! Bits! Glorious bits!

Just a little comparison of how much space I've saved.

To conclude, those sprues will be recycled whenever there's a charity run going on in my university. I don't have the heart to throw them, that's a lot of plastic! I can imagine them being melted and remoulded into a Chaos Land Raider (which is what I direly need right now).

I actually hoped that GW would run a recycling campaign for us hobbyist to sell them the sprues, maybe about RM 10 per kilo or something. So that they can actually recycle these and make them into minis again. It's like killing three stones with one bird! They cut cost on their raw materials, the hobbyist gains a little back from recycling, and the plastic isn't actually wasted off!

So let's hope that if you were to cut out the bits and separate them into compartments, please don't just throw them, recycle them.

"Pun intended. Now go start throwing a bird at three stones."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Caution Danger Warning Hazard Poison Flammable Toxic

After realizing that the management of my hostel has the tendency to come into my room whenever I'm not around to either maintain the air-cond or just to install something or do some maintenance, I've decided to make this and put it on my board to attract the attention of anyone who walks into my room.

I've spent a few hours last night creating that Caution sign and I've printed it out today. It will make me feel uneasy whenever I know that someone has been in my room without my presence. I hope that this sign will deter them from touching my minis as well.

And since there are so many kinds of chemicals in my room, I would not want them to do anything stupid. Especially touching my minis. We all know that resin fumes are toxic, especially the dust. The simple green I have in my room is so concentrated with paint, I believe it's poisonous enough. The spray cans in my room are obviously flammable even though there's no real threat from it.

Anyone wants the sign can download it, I don't mind, I even made one that's blank so that you guys can enter whatever text you want. Grab yours now! To avoid people from touching your things from your table!

Make sure you add the "Professional Hobbyist only." at some point. XD

"Just bought a bunch of stuff from GW Direct and Forge World, my entire Chaos Army is almost complete."

Edit: Oh, I forgot to add, if you want it in PDF or Adobe Illustrator form, do contact me by email and I will send one to you, it's better for printing purposes.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Entire Army's progress and some new painted stuff...

Finally, I've almost finished painting my entire Alpha Legion infantry. Though I still have lots more to go, I would like to share my progress for everyone to see.

Since April till now, I've painted up 2 Chaos Lords, 25 Chaos Space Marines, 4 Chaos Terminators, 1 Obliterator and 3 Iron Warriors (that will carry the Heavy Weapons for my Alpha Legion).

I think I'm quite happy with the growth of this army thus far.

For today, I've completed one of the Terminators and the Iron Warriors.

I made use of the Chaos Lord's Chain Fist for this guy.

The Lascannon came from the Havocs box set which I bought from my friend some time ago.

I did the hazard stripes for the first time and it seems to turn out well...

As for the piece of cloth there, I intended to draw out the Chaos Undivided symbol there, it looks better in person obviously. XD

I still have to paint more Chaos Space Marines for my Alpha Legion and Iron Warriors, I will need another Obliterator too.

After I'm done with the infantry of my army, I will have to start working on the vehicles.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Of Obliterator's skin and another Chaos Space Marine

I finally got these 2 done. The Chaos Terminator would have to wait. Since the amount of detail on it is really a lot, I would need more time.

I've finally learned how to use washes to make painting way easier. When I buy my second Obliterator, I will make a tutorial to show you guys how easy it is to paint one of these.

Oh, and I made him from the Black Legion. Since the Alpha Legion would hire these guys, I thought it'd be fun to make the Obliterator an ex-Black Legion CSM.

I could have worked better on the plasma, but since it looks good from far, I'm gonna let it be.

"Must Obliterate!"

And another bolter guy to be added into my collection. Really love them, I'm so gonna make more Alpha Legion guys... Doing so would enable me to play larger games, as if my army is not large enough... ;P

"Hobby night at Legio tomorrow! I'm gonna join Jeff there at the painting table and maybe get a game just to practice my gaming skills."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A little bit of painting tips...

This is just too awesome, so I had to make a second post for today...

Today I received this box from one of my buddies. Ivan. Basically he clips off everything from the sprue and puts them in boxes with compartments.

I really wanna get one of these boxes for my bits and do the same. The reason why he passed it to me is because I could make some Chaos Space Marines for myself, and pay him for whatever I used. I need 10 CSM! Since he's not using them, I'll make use of most of it and pay him so he can buy more of the things he wants... Now you guys know how I get my stuff cheap! I don't have that much cash too ya know...

Moral of this story here, get a box like that, saves you the time of rummaging through your bits box looking for a particular part. Not to mention, easy transportation too!

And... Today, on my painting table, I started off by spraying an Obliterator, a Chaos Terminator and another Chaos Space Marine to paint. So the progress is actually very good right now. I just gave the Chaos Terminator and Chaos Space Marine a wash mix of green and blue.

Here's the painting tip I would like to share. How to let your minis dry fast. What I do is, I put them beside my laptop fan. The heat generated from the laptop will dry the miniatures fast. This is how I make them dry without resorting to waiting too long, or to use a hair dryer (I don't even have one).

The warm air being pushed out from the laptop fan is just perfect, I don't have to worry about my minis flying away or the washes being blown away. So it just makes the paint evaporate faster.

Oh, and those Bloodletters belong to my roommate, he's building his Khorne Daemon army now...

One question for my fellow readers. How big is a Legion of Chaos Space Marines?

We all know that a Chapter would consist of 6 Tactical Squads, 2 Assault Squads, bla bla bla. But I wanna know how big is a Chaos Legion. Please leave a comment to let me know, thanks!!

"Back to my painting spree!"

Melta melta melta. 3 Meltas in a day...

I've painted these 3 guys in one day. It was very tiring, but very satisfying, since I needed more melta marines in my army, I decided to complete them according to my army list that uses 8 meltaguns...

I was quite tired, so I was lazy to move the stuff from my table away.

Now I'm working on another bolter marine and another Chaos Terminator with a Chain Fist.

"Enemies! We need enemies..."