Sunday, August 30, 2009

3 Tanks in 3 Days, well... almost...

Hi all! I've been held back from updating mainly because of my horrendous internet connectivity. I meant to upload these yesterday, but it seems impossible. At least today the internet connection ain't that bad...

Either way, I've been playing lots and lots of games for the past 4 days, which really held my painting back. I played 13 games in total, racking up 7 Wins, 3 Loss and 3 Draws. 2 of the games I lost I had very terrible dice roll, I'm talking about my Obliterator's Plasma Cannon getting hot and failing their saves 3 times in a row. Then the vehicle explosion beside them just killed one of them, how pathethic. Nevertheless, my rolls were picking back up and showing me lots of 6's.

I'm definitely bringing the tourney list for the Legio League.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my finally completed Alpha Legion Rhinos and Land Raider.

I'm gonna have the tracks matt varnished as I really care for the paint job I did for the tracks, I just love them too much!

"Gonna WYSIWYG my entire army for the league, only 1 Chaos Terminator, 3 more Iron Warriors and 1 more Chaos Lord to go..."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lots of painting in a day... 3 Vehicles at once!

Well, I intended to post this up yesterday, but somehow the Internet was terrible and I couldn't even stay online...

During my stay back at my hometown, I painted a few of these guys. They were sprayed black before before I brought it back to my hometown.

Yesterday, I went on a painting frenzy! I sprayed my vehicles black and coated them properly with a tank brush.

I painted them with the first layer with Regal Blue, now they look like they belong to the Crimson Fist.

I had to put it in front of a fan to make it dry faster...

This layer was painted with a mix of Snot Green and Regal Blue. Somehow it looks like it belongs to the Salamanders now...

After that, I glazed them with Asurmen Blue. I like the colour that was produced by the glaze.

I went into detailing of the vehicles since I was done with the body. The hydra symbol on the Forge World doors are always a fun thing to paint...

And this is where I stopped. I need to work on more of the detailing, weather effects, battle damage and the crew today...

This is the first time I painted so many vehicles at once!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Space Hulk Fever

Found this while I was searching for the new Broodlord images from Space Hulk in google.

Either way, I'm not getting myself a box, despite the fact that I play Tyranids and have a Blood Angels themed army (full jump pack army). I saw all the Genestealers, they look awesome, saw all the Termies from the box, looks awesome, but... not in my budget.

I'll be pre-ordering 5 boxes of Space Hulk for 5 people, since lots of people are asking for a set, so I'll do them a favour by pooling everything in to cut down the shipping and tax cost.

Well, at least the new minis will look awesome as we can predict. (Tyranid Codex coming soon followed by Blood Angels, see the resemblance?)

Here are some links to the images I found them. Enjoy.

Now I really doubt there's a new Broodlord in the making...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The 1750 tournament list.

Hi there. I've got back to my hometown recently and I brought some minis with me to paint up for this round of holiday. But also, I intend to give much thought on my Alpha Legion army list using the Chaos Space Marines Codex.

The Inquisition Wars organized by our local club Legio, will start at the 7th of November, pre-registration starts on the 1st of October. You can view and download the rules pack here.

So, with that said. I've been playing my current list very often and I've earned quite a lot of victories. I lose whenever I deploy wrongly or when I misjudge the distance. And sometimes when the game becomes very intense, it will normally end as a draw. Therefore, when I play this list, I will have to think very carefully and plan for the future turns in the game.

Here's the list:

Alpha Legion Chaos Lord
Terminator Armour
Daemon Weapon
Combi Melta

Alpha Legion Chaos Lord
Terminator Armour
Daemon Weapon

2 Alpha Legion Chaos Terminators
1 Alpha Legion Chaos Terminator Champion with Chain Fist and Icon of Chaos Glory
Heavy Flamer
Chain Fist
Chaos Land Raider as Dedicated Transport

9 Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines
1 Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion with Power Fist
2 Meltaguns
Icon of Chaos Glory
Rhino as Dedicated Transport

9 Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines
1 Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion with Power Fist
2 Meltaguns
Icon of Chaos Glory
Rhino as Dedicated Transport

Heavy Support
9 Alpha Legion Chaos Havocs
4 Meltaguns
Icon of Chaos Glory
Rhino as Dedicated Transport

8 Iron Warriors Chaos Havocs
4 Autocannons
Icon of Chaos Glory

2 Obliterators

Total: 1750 points
Kill points: 12
Scoring Units: 2

This list is melta heavy, simply because I don't have much choice but to load up on anti-tanks. Chaos Space Marines have a standard of 2 attacks each, means they can hold up pretty well against infantry units.

The Chaos Lords will ride the Land Raider with the Terminators. All vehicles are just bare without upgrades. I already see that there is no point in having extra armour and the other stuff.

The Iron Warriors with Autocannons will stop light vehicles at their tracks. 8 shots per turn is enough to destroy a Rhino or a Dreadnought in a turn. Even if they have cover saves... They have bagged me lots of victories in the games I've played. I put 8 guys here just to ensure I have enough meat shields and they can fight back whenever something charges them, example Boss Snikrot with his Kommando friends.

This list has 37 Power Armoured Chaos Space Marines and 7 Terminator Armoured ones. I have the flexibility to Deep Strike my Obliterators without worries as I have lots of Icons of Chaos Glory running around.

So far, I've been playing lots of games with this list and I will continue to do so. Let me know what you think I should do to help improve my game play. Thanks!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Painting Tutorial - Chaos Obliterator in a day...

Hello, today I've decided to paint up an Obliterator. Since I did one within a day before, I decided to do it again but write up a tutorial on it. Well, I haven't been doing any tutorials lately, so I hope this makes up for it.

As you all know, the Obliterator comes in many bits and pieces. After assembly, you will notice lots of gaps around it, which means you will need to use some green stuff to fill up the gaps. Well, today I only want to go through the painting part of it... I assembled it fully and put it on the base with the sand glued already.

I made the painting very simple so anyone can copy it easily and paint one up.

First off, I sprayed with some cheap flat black. I didn't want to spray too much as I'm afraid that the spray might get too thick. So I left some parts showing.

After that, I used watered down Chaos Black to cover up the entire mini.

First up, use Graveyard Earth for the flesh... It's ok to be sloppy at this stage since we're just gonna paint flesh...

Next up, Kommando Khaki on the flesh parts...

After that will be Bleached Bone.

Now, just use Ogryn Flesh and go over the fleshy parts.

This process will take long only because it takes long for it to dry, so I had to speed things up by putting it by the fan...

After that, wash again with Gryphonne Sepia.

Then Baal Red...

Now for the cool part. See the piece of flesh there at the waist? The shadowing is already set, I'm just gonna bring the highlight out.

Get some Bleached Bone on a palette, I only did this because my Bleached Bone is not so watery anymore.

Paint it on the raised edges...

Continue the same process on the entire mini...

Remember to only paint the raised edges...

Once you're done with the flesh parts, it's time to get the metal parts painted. For this Obliterator, I want it to maintain as a Black Legion Obliterator, so I painted the trims with Shining Gold. Be careful not to go over the flesh painted parts.

Once you're done, wash the trim with Badab Black. Just to make it look weathered.

Boltgun Metal the tubes, weapons and pipings...

And wash them with Badab Black again.

While waiting for the wash to dry, I used Blood Red to dot the eye. Snot Green was used to paint the lens and Scorpion Green was used to paint the top of the lens.

I'm gonna make the weapon nozzles look very used, so what I did was to drybrush a little Scorched Brown on the nozzle.

After that, drybrush the nozzles with Chaos Black right at the tip.

Ta-da! Easy, simple, effective, nice. I like it! I did the terrain and painted the rim of the base to suit the rest of my army.

So to break it all down. To paint this Chaos Obliterator, you need:
1. Chaos Black
2. Graveyard Earth
3. Kommando Khaki
4. Bleached Bone
5. Ogryn Flesh
6. Gryphonne Sepia
7. Baal Red
8. Shining Gold
9. Boltgun Metal
10. Badab Black
11. Snot Green
12. Scorpion Green
13. Blood Red

Lots of colours, yes, but it's effective in making this Obliterator table-top quality...

Hope you guys enjoyed, any questions, just leave a comment, I'll get back to you...

"I still have more minis to prepare, at least I'm done with all the Heavy Support in my army..."