Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Product Review - Vallejo Glaze Medium and some test painting on the Eldar!

What a great way to start a post with 2 objectives in mind. To do a little product review on the Vallejo Glaze Medium and to also share how I will be painting my Eldar Ghost Warriors. I can honestly say I have been quite busy lately thanks to the mound of assignments I've been working on, but nevertheless, I'm gonna squeeze about an hour or two dedicated to my painting.

Well, since I want to paint my Ghost Warriors white in colour, I've been thinking a lot lately on how to make them so white and pure and yet able to make the details pop out. So the experiment begins. I sprayed one of my Dire Avengers white, ensuring that I don't miss a spot, not too thick and not too thin. Just nice.

Here's the thing in the spot light today! The Vallejo Glaze Medium, really cheap and good stuff too! The description at the back says "Retards Drying", so I'm guessing that it immediately thins down the paint and turns it into something like a wash, which is true.

You only need a tiny little drop from the bottle. From the picture below, I actually had too much, mainly because we have to add water and paint with the mix. Adding too much of the Vallejo Glaze Medium will seriously prevent your paint from drying...

My first attempt on using it actually let the Skull White + Vallejo Glaze Medium stay wet for nearly 24 hours! Well, technically not wet, but it became pasty...

I added some Bleached Bone.

Mix it a little with some water. And there you have it, Bleached Bone wash...

I spread the wash entirely on the mini making sure I didn't miss a crevice. And as you can see, the wash is actually very translucent. It really turns paints into washes.

After it dries, you can see that the armour is more defined. Though I had to dry brush the entire mini with Skull White again just to make the raised areas pure white.

After some painting experimentation, here's the end product. It does look as if it's radiating with white, but it's just not defined enough.

So on the latest test model, I used Fortress Grey mixed with the Vallejo Glaze Medium as a wash, which is actually better than Bleached Bone.

Well, that's the concept of my Eldar. I think I will darken it by using Codex Grey and mix it with the Vallejo Glaze Medium to glaze the mini. Oh well, that should do the trick in painting my Eldar Ghost Warriors...

"Gonna have to get busy, lots of things to do apart from painting!"

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some progress and some Eldar test painting...

I had loads of assignments to complete. So even if I get to paint the hydra details up this week, I'm happy enough. I will definitely be working more on my tanks as much as I can for the next few days, though I have another assignment due.

I've painted up this guy some time ago. After cracking my head on how to paint white or make my Eldar look as if they are glowing, it seems impossible, but I'm working on it. I want them to look and live up to their name of being the Ghost Warriors.

I'll be sacrificing more of the Dire Avengers to test paint, I'll be working on different steps and techniques of painting white.

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New sacrifice for the dark gods!

Today, I practically forgone my painting just to take care of a very sick person and to teach a new player how to paint.

This here is Kenn Jee. He's been painting is first few minis and he needed some help on how to paint better. So I taught him the basic of painting by brush control, paint amount and all that. He's painting up a Chaos Space Marines army which will have some Khorne Berzerkers and a load of Chaos Terminators.

This is where I stopped for my vehicles. The Rhino on the right is just for me to compare colours. At least my Alpha Legionnaires will have more armour support when I'm done.

"Taking care of so many people at one time makes me feel like a father..."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm back! With more things done!

The only days I get my 40k stuff done are the days I don't have class, other than that, the progress will slow down pretty much. Either way, I've completed another Chaos Lord just to make my 1750 tournament list a full WYSIWYG army.

The internet at my place is so slow. I have to size down the images drastically or I will never get them uploaded.

I still need to work on painting power weapons. Not that good at it yet. Only thing is I don't know which direction the power comes from.

I've also made myself busy with a few tanks.

In a fit of frenzy-ness, I assembled all of them. They're ready to be sprayed black now. The Predator is fully magnetized from sponsons to the ammo box. The Vindicator is a real fun tank to assemble. I might be considering in getting more.

The next Predator I get, I will forget about the magnets. It's just too tedious of a task.

Gonna bring them to Legio to paint!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Slow progress, but still moving on. Some tips to share too.

I've been running around scouting for locations for a suitable place to open up a gaming store and also been searching high and low for furniture. But we're just gonna go survey our options for now.

Anyway, I've been working on this guy as he is the last WYSIWYG mini for my 1750 tournament legal army. I didn't glue him to the base yet, but I just think he looks so cool!

As some of you might have known this little nifty trick, I suppose I should share this with everyone. Drilling the head makes it easier to paint. Well, of course you don't have to do this to heads only, you can do this to particularly difficult to hold parts of a mini. The head still needs a few layers before it's done and able to be glued in.

"Gonna sleep while I can, or insomnia will hit me again."

Friday, September 4, 2009

Nurturing a new FEMALE Ork player!

It has been a busy week for me, I had to run around with my new classes, make lots of orders, paint lots of minis, assemble more minis and even teach a new player how to paint Orks!

My friend Janice has decided to go the Orky way, simply because they're cute. Hey, I do think Orks are cute too! For the entire day, I had to guide her on how to paint Orks like how I painted mine, which is why her Orks look like mine. She's possible the 7th person I ever taught how to paint.

She had a good start by buying a load of paints, some brushes, the tools, a box of Ork Boyz and Nobz.

I taught her how to speed paint, highlight, shade and drybrush all in a day. And here's what she did with minimum help from me.

Looks like someone is addicted to painting.

The Ork Boy 'ere needs more ladz!

I had to help her with the checks on the Orks. And looking at it, the motif here is very nice, red and black checks. She's decided to actually build an Ork Biker army.

To end with this post, I just had to add this poster I found online.

"More work for me to do now, need to build a new Chaos Lord."

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finally, finished painting the 1750 list.

I'm just waiting for another box of Chaos Terminator Lord to arrive, as I have to make one of my Chaos Lords WYSIWYG, so I've decided to paint one up anyway.

Finally, after finishing some minis today, I decided to take family photo of the entire army.

Note the Icon of Chaos Glory on the Autocannon guy on the right.

I'm particularly happy with this Chaos Terminator. After a few minutes of thinking on how I could make him have an Icon of Chaos Glory, this is what I thought, just stick the pole at his back. Since I have lots of Space Marine parts, I figured that I should just use it.

Chainfist! For the win!

"I wanna make my chaos army reach 3,000 points, now I have 2,100 painted up."