Thursday, October 29, 2009

First commission I've ever done. A Black Legion Rhino in 2 days.

I've been rejecting commission work for a long time. Well, I guess that I could accept one since I've finished painting most of the stuff I have. Just as I opened a new box of Chaos Space Marines, the parcel for the commission work arrived. Seems that I've gotten myself busy again.

The focus was to build a new Chaos Rhino out of the box and paint it to be a Black Legion Rhino.

It took me 2 hours to assemble and file down the Rhino. I hope I could assemble it way faster next time.

After spraying it with black and base coating it again with Chaos Black paint to make it solid black.

I've gotten the idea of drawing the chaos star while searching through Cool Mini or Not. So I started the motif with Fortress Grey. I used Chaos Black to make the arrows looked chipped.

Golden Yellow was then applied as the true colour.

After some metallics on the bolts and the appropriate places.

I used Boltgun Metal with a small drybrush to give it a scratched up look. No chaos vehicle should look new at all! I also used Boltgun Metal to paint the tracks.

I used Scorched Brown liberally for the tracks and recesses of the vehicle to further give it a weathered look. I also drybrushed Scorched Brown on the exhaust pipes.

Paint up the gunner, some spikes and the smoke launchers.

Complete. Just less than 2 days and I'm done with the Rhino. I was shocked that I could finish it so fast. Mainly because it's a Black Legion Rhino anyway.

I've been neglecting these guys here, I'll continue working on them after I've completed most of my assignments as I've been very busy with assignments these days.

They'll be my full plasma Chaos Havocs squad. Champion with combi-plasma and 4 other plasma guys.

"Need to speed assemble and paint them up soon."

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hobby Tips - Simple combi-plasma conversion

I was thinking of something funny to do yesterday, a 5 men Chaos Havocs squad with 4 plasmaguns and the champion with a combi-plasma. So after working out the statistics of killing stuff with plasmas, it turns out that if the champion in the squad was given a plasma, it will almost guarantee the death of almost anything when they go rapid firing.

I've seen someone converted a combi-melta or combi-plasma somewhere, but somehow I thought of doing this myself last night. I went through the bits box and found that the plasma pistol from the Space Marines seem to fit and look as though it's enough for a one-time use weapon.

So the cutting was made for the bolter and the plasma pistol.

Simple yet effective. I like it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Added 2 more vehicles to my Alpha Legion. And a long update.

Well, I have recently shifted my room. I moved to a twin sharing and took the whole place to myself, mainly because I need to space to keep the incoming stock before I open up the game store soon. I'll keep that for another post.

After much tidying up, arranging of all that I have and have gone through the MAD (Mass Assignment Disorder) season, I finally got back to painting.

Basically I sat down today and finished painting the Predator and the Rhino.

I fully magnetized the Predator, including the ammo box at the back of the turret. This is the Lascannon load out.

This is the one with the autocannon and heavy bolter load out.

My last Rhino for my troops.

I have 8 more Alpha Legionnaires to complete. I'll be making more of them anyway, so it won't end here.

Now, this is my favourite non-living creature. His name is Yaysies!

It's Yaysies VS the Alpha Legion + Iron Warriors. A total of 2575 points here that I've painted.

I think they're in for a tough time.

Oh well, I'll be making some Chaos Chosen with a full power fist load out just for fun, imagine a full squad of 10 outflanking Chaos Chosen in a Rhino with either 5 flamers, 5 plasma guns, 5 meltas or 5 power fists! It's purely just for fun anyway.

I've calculated that if I've finished painting all that I've purchased and intend to purchase, I will possibly have 4,000+ points. Let's see if I can make it that far...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Alpha Legion Vindicator

Finally got to finish my Alpha Legion Vindicator. I've been really busy thanks to assignments again and not forgetting to mention, my mid-terms are coming up next week. Year 2 Psychology is really no joke. But at least I got to finish up the Vindicator from where I left last night.

I wanted to make the imperial eagle look chaos like. But I guess I gotta paint the eight pointed star on the skull or something.

Well, at least this vehicle is quite easy to paint as there is no crew members sticking their head out on the top of the vehicle. I might want to finish my Rhino and Predator soon too.

Friday, October 2, 2009

LOL! I just couldn't resist.

Couldn't help it! XD

Not the final of the test painting. Eldar Ghost Warriors.

Well, at least I finished another of my assignment already. And this is the Dire Avenger that I'm attempting to paint white with Codex Grey as a wash...

The one on the left was washed with Fortress Grey, on the right Codex Grey. Maybe I should consider Chaos Black right away... I just want the colour to contrast with the white.

I'll be getting a few of the Vallejo white paints and primers, maybe that will help...