Thursday, January 28, 2010

GW Skull White VS Vallejo White Primer

The Vallejo White Primer was airbrushed on. It makes the GW Skull White look yellow.

Enough said.

"I'll have to airbrush over the GW's Skull White part again..."

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's up with 40k Radio?

Dude. I haven't listened to 40k Radio for a long long time... Anyone knows why I can't download their MP3's anymore?

I don't know whether I missed something about them saying that we can't download the MP3's anymore, but I really loved the fact that we could download their shows.

There was one point of time that I didn't have internet connection, so I couldn't download any of their shows at all. But when I wanted to continue, I couldn't at all. Whenever I click the link, they take me to the streaming site, which is not what I want since my internet here ain't that good.

All I wanted was to download a whole load of their shows at once and listen to all of them in sequence one by one...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Painting - Ork Lootas

Man, these guys are tough to paint! Not only does it takes a lot of time to fit and assemble them, it also takes time to paint them since they have so much details!

Still, I enjoyed painting them though. Now I have like 11 more Lootas to go...

I did my best to keep with the army's main theme of green flames and green checks. I only played with Rotting Flesh, Camo Green and Catachan Green when painting the motifs.

I don't know what's up with the camera, hope it doesn't take such dark pictures again...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Painting - Ork Trukk complete.

Woo hoo! Finished painting the crew in about 2 to 3 hours. That was maddening! Some of the paints on them are still fresh and wet!

I really love this Ork Trukk, I think I should start making the vehicles of my Orks look more weathered like this. Also, I must start converting them or they will look so typical and repetitive.

Hope you guys enjoy looking! Happy painting to you too and thanks for looking! :D

Monday, January 18, 2010

Airbrushing - The Ork Trukk!

On Saturday, I've got to go buy a new airbrush since my previous one was damaged from the fall it took while I was cleaning it.

Thanks to Khairul who organized a short trip for Iqbal and I to go take a look at the place where Khairul himself got his airbrush a long time ago. He also taught us what to look for and what to avoid when looking for an airbrush. So if you want to know more about an airbrush, feel free to ask me.

Here's the kit I got. The Sparmax airbrush set. Side feed for paints and comes with an extra bottle for paint storage. Sparmax also sells spare parts that can replace almost anything on the airbrush, so it's a good buy knowing that if any of the parts were to be damaged or gone missing, I can replace them, unlike the previous one I owned.

I did some airbrushing on my Ork Trukk just for fun and take a look. You can never get such a smooth surface when using the normal brush. Not to mention, this process took little time and trouble too.

With the amount of corrugated recycled boxes I have, I decided to be environmental friendly for once and reused the box to build myself an airbrushing station. Just use some masking tape to fill up the gaps and hold the box up and it's good enough. With the amount of space I have here I can spray quite a lot!

I've just finished painting my Ork Trukk too. Just that I haven't finished the Orky crew.

I think I went overboard with the weathering. I used a very watered down mixture of Vermin Brown, Scorched Brown, Graveyard Earth and a dash of Devlan Mud. I call it da Orky weathering mix! (How creative for a name.)

So if you have any questions on airbrushing, please don't hesitate to ask. I'll do my best to help and spread the airbrushing love. :D

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Awesome Hobby Night!

On Fridays, Legio Malaysia has hobby nights as usual. Just that this is one of the times that we had lots of fun and I got 2 free stuff!

This one here is a miniature that I've been itching to buy a long time ago. The Lich Lord Asphyxious from Warmachine. Just because it looks cool, no other reason. Arzmi gave this to me when I gave him 25 Ork Boyz as a gift because his wife recently gave birth to their first child.

One more little surprise came along when we were playing a Kindred style game. Doc Selvam gave everyone a key chain with a METAL die on it. I'm serious, it's solid cold hard metal!

Normally I would hate key chains as they are cumbersome and have no practical use for me as I only ever carry a single key in my pocket, but this is just awesome!

Thanks guys! See you the next hobby night.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Product Review - Mr. Hobby's Limonene Type Mr. Cement

Well, for the first post of the new year, I decided to put another product review. I should show this in more detail, so I will do a continuation when possible.

I've bought this Mr. Cement from Mr. Hobby's hobby range. As we know, the famous Gundam plastic kits came from Japan, so we should also know that they have their own hobby products made from Japan that are really good.

I bought this for only RM 15. Which I think I can find it cheaper elsewhere. The contents of this bottle is a lot! And you only ever need a little of it. This plastic glue here real powerful. Just a little bit of it swiped on the surface and when you bring 2 plastic bits together, it would bond in about 20 seconds.

As you may already know, plastic glue like this one here, will glue your miniatures together much stronger, but not as fast as super glue. One thing I like about this is that it doesn't glue to your fingers.

To explain the Limonene Type as stated on the bottle. It actually means that the solution will give off a citrus scent, unlike the conventional plastic glue. This really helps if you can't hold your nose long enough for the smell of the plastic glue to go off.

If you squint your eyes hard enough you can see that this bottle also comes with a brush that is attached to the cap. Makes it easier for you to reach those nooks and crannies of the miniatures.

With that, I've been assembling more Orks last night. Especially the Lootas and Burnas I've got from the Ork megaforce.

I didn't glue it fully yet, for painting purposes, but the Ork Burnas just look so cool!

I want to fit 15 Ork Burnas in a Battlewagon into my new Ork list. That will be lots of burny fun!