Friday, February 26, 2010

Citadel's Warhammer Basing Kit Review

I'm sure many of you are eager to take a look inside this box here. Since the Warhammer basing kit was released, I was quite excited as I know that GW can really make great basing kits since the Warhammer 40,000 basing kit.

Well, as you can see here, there are 5 little containers that hold the slates and resin base.

I poured all the medium and large basing slate into another container just to give it a wash. Rinsing it from all the resin dust is a good idea. Here you can see the main difference of the large and medium slate. I love the slates... They make good natural rocks.

Those that are black are obviously wet while the grey ones are drying.

The brass etch that I will almost never use. Ok, maybe I might use some of them just to make the base look good.

Here is what you are looking for, the resin base. Click the picture to enlarge and see if some of these might suit your sci-fi needs, as some of them actually can fit well. But honestly speaking, I won't be using much of them. I just want them slates!

Hope that helped you with your decision on whether or not to buy the Citadel's Warhammer Basing Kit.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Iron Painter - Pictures Part 2.

The rest of the pictures from Jeff. The pictures are not in order, but good enough for you to enjoy.

Tomorrow I'll start posting my usual stuff into the blog.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Iron Painter - Pictures Part 1.

Hurrah! I've just gotten the pictures from the Iron Painter event in Legio, and I must say, these are only the first part to it. Pictures are from Iqbal who was also painting while taking pictures.

Here I began painting my Orks with the first layer of colour. Luckily I brought my laptop fan to speed up the drying process. USB port courtesy of Iqbal's laptop! Hahaha.

This is Stanley.

Iskazri who was so calmly and quietly assembling and painting his guys.

Subahan thought he left something behind.

Arzmi only washed his Orks, but it turned out well!

Shazli doing the blue boys.

Juan was attempting to go for the Adamantium Mantle with sealed boxes of 1,000 points!

Jeff the Forgemaster was doing his Flesh Tearers, what a way to go, painting the army before the Blood Angels Codex is out is the smart choice.

I'll go on with an hour by hour sequence of how the event went.

10:00 - Iron Painter begins, some of the participants were late. I was there on time, when Jeff said it was time to start, I cracked open the Orkhide Shade and started painting. Some of the guys were still taking their time preparing. Iqbal was already preparing his airbrush.

11:00 - Some of the guys arrived late, but not too late to miss the party. I was batch painting all 20 of my Orks. I was watching how everyone was doing from time to time. At this hour, Subahan already complained that he was bored! I don't blame him, he's drybrushing white on black sprayed Necrons!

12:00 - Dann arrived and started to paint his Tyranids. He couldn't compete in the Iron Painter, because he didn't have the HQ choice, so he just painted for fun. Joash, Raymond and Red arrived to watch us paint, then they were off to the tables to roll some dice.

13:00 - Some of the guys were already complaining about body aches, especially me. I had to put some chairs together to lie down to rest from the shoulder ache. The initial ache really hurts, but after a while, we got used to it.

14:00 - Some of the guys were eating the food they brought along. Iqbal took pictures of our progress after we were clocked at the first 4 hours. We were hungry, so I called Ivan to help us get lunch since he's coming after work. Haha.

Here's what Arzmi did.

Subahan's reverse painting which I had to face palm myself. Drybrushing white on black primed models...

Iskazri's IG.

My Orks. I was well focused to paint the Warbosses at this time.

Shazli's Ultramarines. They look good from afar.

Juan was still assembling his 1,000 points and attempt for Adamantium Mantle.

Stanley's Word Bearers. I like how his colours turned out.

15:00 - Khairul who was late, arrived since he was playing golf was painting his Eldar. Which in the end he regretted. You can not paint Eldar properly for Iron Painter. Ivan brought us lunch and drinks that really helped us focus better in the end.

16:00 - Insults were being thrown around to motivate each other. Haha. It was funny how we kept teasing Subahan for taking the easy way out by painting Necrons! Insults were also given to Iqbal because he was airbrushing trees! So we called his treemen terrain. Hahaha.

17:00 - Everyone was pushing themselves with 5 hours left. Dinner was forgotten, we were talking and listening to the tunes from Jeff's phone since the morning. Why does his phone battery last so long???

18:00 - Some of us were going crazy. Juan was starting to airbrush his marines blue. I was talking to my Orks. They kept smiling at me! My Orks had so much teeth to paint which really made me go nuts.

19:00 - The place was a little livelier when Azlan dropped by and brought his kids along to watch us paint. Maxcell who was also new to 40k dropped by to watch us paint and talk a little bit. Insults were still being thrown around. Everyone was laughing like mad at the insults and jokes.

20:00 - Was the mark that everyone had to rush to start finishing their models.

Khairul with his pseudo-serious face giving the thumbs up.

21:00 - People were hearing voices in their heads. I was scolding my Orks for smiling or shouting which made me paint more teeth. Arzmi was quiet the whole time. Everyone was tired, their backs ache. Their shoulders ache. But paint brushes were still moving, and we still heard the funny insults flying across the room. We also hear the tinkling sound of Stanley's brush hitting the painting cup. My hands were shaking. I was done with my army at 21:15, I wanted to freehand some checks and flames. But the checks turned out like some 3 year-old's drawings, so I had to improvised and went on with flames. My hands were so cramped up. Everyone was rushing. Subahan went and batch paint his Necrons. Shazli was doing his best. Juan already completed his personal goal of "Iron Assembler", he assembled 1,000 points and was half done with the painting. We were cheering on Subahan to finish the last Necron Destroyer.

22:00 - Everyone was happy, 7 out of 10 painters actually made it to the finish line. The Iron Painter came to an end. "Happy ending" to all who understood this inside joke. Hahaha.

Dann's nids. And this was what he did the whole day. Haha.

Iqbal's Wood Elf with trees. He was the Iron Terrain man... Hahaha. Insults keep on going.

Subahan's Necrons.

Stanley's Word Bearers.

Iskazri's barely made it Imperial Guard.

Arzmi's washed Orks. Haha. In this 12 hours, he painted more Orks than he did in the last 3 months! Hence the improvised painting.

My Orks. I loved painting the Warbosses. Especially the squigs they have.

Shazli's Ultramarines that look good from a distance. Another funny motivational insult we threw at him.

An overall picture of the armies that made it.

Iqbal was voted the best painted terrain WAIT I mean army... Hahhahaha. Congrats for winning the Purity Seal! Jeff was a happy man knowing how enthusiastic we were attending the Iron Painter.

A shot of Iqbal's tree-dudes.

This is a shot of my Orks before the Iron Painter.

This is after.

Will I do Orks for Iron Painter again? Maybe. If I'm up for it. I might choose an easier army to paint next time.

Look at the flames. They were a cover up of the failed checks. Haha.

I enjoyed painting both my Warboss.

Eat his face!

I love the mean looking squig!

I'm so gonna do some tidying up with my painting since most of them were rushed.

I need to tidy this guy up too.

Will there be another Iron Painter? Yes there will. So I hope the folks that could spend their time in the Iron Painter, please come for it. Stanley came all the way from Singapore and completed his painting. Joining the Iron Painter is FREE! And Jeff gives us certificates for completing the Iron Painter, not to mention, aim for the Purity Seal! So please join us next time. It was a huge load of fun!

I really really hope that there's another Iron Painter this year. I tell you, this is the best way to complete an army. I did 20 Orks in 12 hours. That's more than what some people paint in a month!