Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Imperial Guard Aegis Defence Line

So I've decided to build an Aegis Defence Line for my Imperial Guard a week back. I also wanted it to be a sort of display for my army and I want to make it unique on it's own too.

Thanks to Carl, he managed to encourage me to use green stuff to sculpt the sand bags, and yeah, that's a lot of green stuff used.

I wanted to make it feel as if they have been camped in the same position for a while now, and they will obviously bring extra equipment with them. Picked out some bits and mixed them up. The green barrel is from Tamiya.

Just a comparison with a text model.

The gun is not glued, just in case I don't need the gun, I can use the Aegis on it's own.

Adding a little doo dads and making sure I don't over clutter the place.

Some pictures of it complete. I didn't want to use weathering powder as I don't want to overdo the thing.

Some communication equipment, tool box, and some extra lasguns.

In case someone wants to be cheeky with me, I can put my tanks in it too.

So yeah, I'll need to paint more infantry to fill up the ranks of my Imperial Guard.


Cadian 127th said...

Very cool. And it fit's neatly in your display cabinet!

Unknown said...

You did a great job on this mate. Nice work with the sand bags as well. Don't know if you meant to, but the finger print marks on them gives it some nice material texture.


MrChaos said...

Dale said...

This is some awesome work mate and looks fantastic. One thing I would suggest for future reference, try using some air dry clay for your sand bags, it is one hell of a lot cheaper than Green Stuff. Great work though!

deathkorps said...


Alvin Khaw said...

Yeah, I should stop relying so much on green stuff, thanks guys! Most of the finger prints were accidental, I just gave up trying to smooth them out in the end.

Unknown said...

Very nice dude!

Nahri said...

Very nicely done man!

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