Thursday, March 6, 2008

Horrifex - I dunno what name to put for this fex..

Sorry I cheated, I actually painted the modified head already. I can't think of a name for this Carnifex, if you have a good idea please share it with me...
A higher resolution pictures, as demanded by Izwan. Here's the head of the next modifying job I'm gonna use this head for my next Carnifex.
Here's some details, watered down some Red Gore into the crevice and used Chaos Black to touch up. The cut-off scything talon is painted Scab Red then Red Gore then highlighted with a little Blazing Orange to bring out the "feel" that it's sharp!
No markings will be found on the joint since I glued it to hold it down while I use epoxy to fill in the gaps. We can find many unused parts to be converted/modified to make other monsterous creatures look cool.

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