Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Painting 2 - Skaven Gutter Runner

Hi all, I've actually painted this little guy here, a Skaven Gutter Runner, right before I return to my hometown for Chinese New Year. Total time it took was about 2 hours, and this does not include the basing part, which I have no idea why I could forget.

Besides, the model ain't complete without the base painted, but I'm gonna run through what was done for this model.

Basecoat: Black

This is a breakdown of all the colours used on the model, remember, the essence here is speed:
  1. Cloak was painted with Space Wolves Grey, washed with Badab Black
  2. The skin was painted with Scorched Brown, then layered with Vermin Brown
  3. The weapons were painted with Boltgun Metal
  4. Whichever parts that look like leather was painted with Snakebite Leather
  5. The claws and teeth were painted with Bleached Bone
  6. The tail was painted with Elf Flesh
  7. The whole model was given a wash of Devlan Mud
Presto! One model in 2 hours! I have to work on my timing to finish it up faster. I might prime them with white next time to see if that makes painting faster. There you go, enjoy!

"After I finish painting a majority of my miniatures, I might start Skaven as my Fantasy army. I hope the Skaven will get a new Army Book before I start."

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