Sunday, October 18, 2009

Added 2 more vehicles to my Alpha Legion. And a long update.

Well, I have recently shifted my room. I moved to a twin sharing and took the whole place to myself, mainly because I need to space to keep the incoming stock before I open up the game store soon. I'll keep that for another post.

After much tidying up, arranging of all that I have and have gone through the MAD (Mass Assignment Disorder) season, I finally got back to painting.

Basically I sat down today and finished painting the Predator and the Rhino.

I fully magnetized the Predator, including the ammo box at the back of the turret. This is the Lascannon load out.

This is the one with the autocannon and heavy bolter load out.

My last Rhino for my troops.

I have 8 more Alpha Legionnaires to complete. I'll be making more of them anyway, so it won't end here.

Now, this is my favourite non-living creature. His name is Yaysies!

It's Yaysies VS the Alpha Legion + Iron Warriors. A total of 2575 points here that I've painted.

I think they're in for a tough time.

Oh well, I'll be making some Chaos Chosen with a full power fist load out just for fun, imagine a full squad of 10 outflanking Chaos Chosen in a Rhino with either 5 flamers, 5 plasma guns, 5 meltas or 5 power fists! It's purely just for fun anyway.

I've calculated that if I've finished painting all that I've purchased and intend to purchase, I will possibly have 4,000+ points. Let's see if I can make it that far...

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