Thursday, October 29, 2009

First commission I've ever done. A Black Legion Rhino in 2 days.

I've been rejecting commission work for a long time. Well, I guess that I could accept one since I've finished painting most of the stuff I have. Just as I opened a new box of Chaos Space Marines, the parcel for the commission work arrived. Seems that I've gotten myself busy again.

The focus was to build a new Chaos Rhino out of the box and paint it to be a Black Legion Rhino.

It took me 2 hours to assemble and file down the Rhino. I hope I could assemble it way faster next time.

After spraying it with black and base coating it again with Chaos Black paint to make it solid black.

I've gotten the idea of drawing the chaos star while searching through Cool Mini or Not. So I started the motif with Fortress Grey. I used Chaos Black to make the arrows looked chipped.

Golden Yellow was then applied as the true colour.

After some metallics on the bolts and the appropriate places.

I used Boltgun Metal with a small drybrush to give it a scratched up look. No chaos vehicle should look new at all! I also used Boltgun Metal to paint the tracks.

I used Scorched Brown liberally for the tracks and recesses of the vehicle to further give it a weathered look. I also drybrushed Scorched Brown on the exhaust pipes.

Paint up the gunner, some spikes and the smoke launchers.

Complete. Just less than 2 days and I'm done with the Rhino. I was shocked that I could finish it so fast. Mainly because it's a Black Legion Rhino anyway.

I've been neglecting these guys here, I'll continue working on them after I've completed most of my assignments as I've been very busy with assignments these days.

They'll be my full plasma Chaos Havocs squad. Champion with combi-plasma and 4 other plasma guys.

"Need to speed assemble and paint them up soon."

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