Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Product Review - Mr. Hobby's Limonene Type Mr. Cement

Well, for the first post of the new year, I decided to put another product review. I should show this in more detail, so I will do a continuation when possible.

I've bought this Mr. Cement from Mr. Hobby's hobby range. As we know, the famous Gundam plastic kits came from Japan, so we should also know that they have their own hobby products made from Japan that are really good.

I bought this for only RM 15. Which I think I can find it cheaper elsewhere. The contents of this bottle is a lot! And you only ever need a little of it. This plastic glue here real powerful. Just a little bit of it swiped on the surface and when you bring 2 plastic bits together, it would bond in about 20 seconds.

As you may already know, plastic glue like this one here, will glue your miniatures together much stronger, but not as fast as super glue. One thing I like about this is that it doesn't glue to your fingers.

To explain the Limonene Type as stated on the bottle. It actually means that the solution will give off a citrus scent, unlike the conventional plastic glue. This really helps if you can't hold your nose long enough for the smell of the plastic glue to go off.

If you squint your eyes hard enough you can see that this bottle also comes with a brush that is attached to the cap. Makes it easier for you to reach those nooks and crannies of the miniatures.

With that, I've been assembling more Orks last night. Especially the Lootas and Burnas I've got from the Ork megaforce.

I didn't glue it fully yet, for painting purposes, but the Ork Burnas just look so cool!

I want to fit 15 Ork Burnas in a Battlewagon into my new Ork list. That will be lots of burny fun!

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mmsyah said...

may i know where did you get this glue?