Friday, April 9, 2010

Chaos Renegade Militia - The army list.

I've spent lots of time tinkering with this list over and over and over again. I suppose it's now time to ask the readers (you guys) what do you think of this 2,000 point list. I've got some friends who are well into Imperial Guard Tactics to teach me

I've got no interest to spam 100+ men especially when I'm dealing with Forge World upgrades. So I'm keeping it to a really powerful mech list.

Company Command Squad (1+4) with Astropath and Officer of the Fleet. All with camo cloaks. 2 Veterans with sniper rifles. Vox Caster. Regimental Standard.

Storm Trooper Squad (1+4) with 2 Meltas
105 points

Veteran Squad (1+9) with 3 meltaguns and Vox Caster. [In the Vendetta]
105 points

Veteran Squad (1+9) with 3 plasma guns and Vox Caster. Grenadiers. [In the Vendetta]
150 points

Veteran Squad (1+9) with 3 Sniper Rifles and Lascannon team with Vox Caster.

Fast Attack
Scout Sentinel Squadron (3)
105 points

Vandetta Gunship Squadron (2)
260 points

Bane Wolf (2) with heavy flamer and multimelta (both)
290 points

Heavy Support
Manticore Rocket Launcher with heavy flamer and pintle mounted heavy stubber.
170 points

Leman Russ Executioner with plasma cannon sponsons and heavy flamer
230 points

Leman Russ Demolisher with heavy flamer
Leman Russ Battle Tank with heavy flamer

Total: 2000 points

Can somebody enlighten me on why I should actually take the Bane Wolf or a Hell Hound? If you do have any suggestions, I'm open to listening, but I would also want to test play this army some time soon before I commit to buying everything.

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