Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Secret Army I'm building - The Dark Elves...

I've always been wanting to start a Fantasy army since 2008. After knowing that there aren't many Fantasy players, I've put the idea on hold. Last year, I started to hype up some of my friends to start some Fantasy armies. It worked. So I chose the Dark Elves.

I've painted 20 Warriors, 19 Corsairs (pictures later) and Lokhir Fellheart in like 20 days. That's quite some speed. But looking at the fact that I'm quite busy with the shop, I'm slowing down a little. Gotta do my commission painting and paint off the terrain for the shop.

This is my first regiment of Dark Elf Spearmen.

The freehand was really easy to achieve.

I've glued 5 of them in a row just to give them a cinematic feel when you see them from the back, as if they're really standing on snowy ground compared to bases.

I painted Lokhir Fellheart in like 5 hours including the basing. Real easy model, but fun nevertheless.

I hope I have more time this week to paint up my Druuchi as I'm so involved in the Fantasy campaign organised by Joe. So much fun! :D

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