Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Overloaded with projects.

I've been really busy for the past few weeks! I've got commission work to do, luckily one of my clients dropped a full army project or I don't think I will have time to even blog.

These are the Daemonettes for his Chaos Daemons army. I'm making it a dual 40k and Fantasy army. Obviously they are not done yet.

I'm also working on my Chaos Renegade Militia. Finally got some tanks up.

I've also started work on some of my Dark Elf characters. Really love these Avatars of War miniatures.

This is the sorceress from Avatars of War.

This is also another commission work from another client, luckily I don't have to paint his entire Dark Elf army, or I will have 2 Dark Elf armies to paint. I'm almost done with this Supreme Sorceress.

Don't forget, I also have to paint the terrain for the shop. I'm really churning out a lot of time to make sure the terrain for the shop is looking good. Especially when I have to make sure I have enough terrain for more than 4 tables, because players want to switch out terrain every once in a while.

Hope I can rush these things up as fast as possible!

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