Monday, May 3, 2010

Hobby Forge - Grand Opening Event

If you're in Malaysia, do check this out. As the owner of one of the local game stores here in Malaysia, I'm running the Grand Opening Event.

After considering all the factors of when we can have the Grand Opening this month, apparently the 22nd of May which is a Saturday is the best time. Not to mention, the stocks are still in transit due to the backlog from the Icelandic volcano ash cloud incident.

Here are the events that will be held at Hobby Forge.
The shop will be opened from 11am onwards till 7pm.

Apocalypse: Imperium VS Chaos. 5 players per side.

Requirements: WYSIWYG, Fully Painted and Based.

Time starting 12:30pm. Players should be here on time to discuss their tactics and set up the deployment table and start the game by 12:30pm.

Game ends at 5:30pm. 5 hours game length.

As a player, you are allowed to bring up to two different armies of the same side. Meaning, if you have a Chaos Daemons army and a Chaos Space Marines army, feel free to play on the side of Chaos with both armies. Also, if you have an Imperial Guard army and a Space Marine or an Inquisition army, feel free to bring them as well. We're gonna make the battle look awesome!

The game will be played on a 6 x 12 table in the main gaming room. Minimal terrain will be used since you will need space for your minis.

I have to let you know, it will be quite taxing for your part as a player to bring two armies if you choose to do so.

Please let me know who is joining the Apocalypse game and please nominate a leader among yourselves.

Open gaming.

There will be 1 table for normal gaming. Be it 40k, BFG or Fantasy, you're welcome to bring your army to play with the casual gamers that will be there.

Lucky draw.

Assuming my shipment will arrive before the date I've set above, we will have a lucky draw.

To join the lucky draw, just visit the shop, purchase something GW related RM 100 and above and have your name put into the drawing lot. As long as you reach RM 100 you can join for the lucky draw.

Grand Prize is: RM 100 store credit
Second Prize is: RM 50 store credit
Third Prize is: RM 30 store credit
There will be 3 consolation prizes at RM 10 store credit that will be given away at the same day too.

The lucky draw will take start at 6pm. Participants who have their names in the drawing lot are advised to be there when the drawing happens.

To be fair to everyone, only 1 person can win a prize and only 1 person will be able to put their name in once. Meaning, even if you purchase RM 1,000 worth of stuff you still get to have 1 entry in the lucky draw.

Free lunch.

Yep, there will be lunch provided for everyone who visits. I will get the caterer to bring the food by 1pm so the food can last us for a few hours. Haha.

For all the events above, I personally won't be taking part in it as I'm the organizer and I'm supposed to man the shop and keep people entertained.

Do let me know if you plan to drop by and which army you plan to bring!

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