Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back from the dead!

I only found the title fitting since I haven't posted a single thing for almost 2 years!

To put a little timeline to this, I'll just summarize my years.

I just had to put Dead Space 2 as the comeback picture for my blog post as I've finished playing the game over and over. It's really good. Apart from that, I went out with some friends and played lots of Left 4 Dead 2. Currently I'm into Diablo 2 again, since I can't wait for Diablo 3.

I moved to my own apartment during that time, and dedicated a lot of hours into making Hobby Forge the store it is today.

I also managed to finish a brand new Blood Angels army within 2 months. I did it so quickly just because I wanted to participate in a tournament that was organized by Oliver Woo from Just Wargame.

I managed to win 2 out of 3 of the games, 1 of them being a draw, but I got the highest overall score. I was shocked when I was awarded the best painted army since I myself knew that some of the marines didn't have their details done yet. Nevertheless, the biggest objective of participating in the tournament is to visit a store that's located in a state at least 1,600 kilometers away.

A shot of the army after it's completely painted. I changed the colour of the power weapons to make them look interesting from a distance.

The Death Company part serves as an expansion to my army, though I really need to finish my Death Company army. More on that later.

I also dabbled into proper IG as I would like to have a nice IG army someday. But now I gotta focus on what I need to finish.

I think this is the year where I'm super broke.

Went for Games Day UK 2011, stayed in UK for 2 weeks. Spent a crazy amount of money there.
Went to Australia for 2 and a half weeks. Spent not so crazy amount of money there.

I started the ball rolling on the Badab War thing in my store. Managed to get quite a lot of guys interested in the campaign. But the campaign came to a grinding halt when we realized that Forge World is slowly releasing Badab War goodies. Everyone is hoping that their chosen chapter gets a release soon. I too, hope for Forge World to release Chapter Master Lias Issodon.

I chose the Raptors as I think they're the coolest in terms of tactics, rules, and hobby opportunity. You don't normally get to do camo on Space Marine vehicles, so this is the only chance.

I did something different with my Raptors, I tried digital camo. Again, more on that next time. As you can see, some of the vehicles are not done yet, but of course, that's just me being distracted with something else for now.

One of the projects that really got me going was the Ultramarines project. I wanted to paint up an army for beginners to try when they come to the store, a combination of the Battleforce and the Commander box goes well for this purpose. So I pulled a super fast paint job on these.

I think the total painting time it took me to finish them was around 2 weeks, but that 2 weeks was spread out to at least 2 months. Towards the end, I got sick and tired of the Scouts. Not really my thing at all. I took less than 3 days to actually assemble, base, and finish all 5 of them. I wouldn't mind painting the marines, but Scouts? No thanks hombre.

Towards the end of the year, I took part in Legio's Ghemehaal Annihilation Campaign. I played my Alpha Legion in this campaign, and it was totally amazing. I managed to learn a thing or two about running campaigns now, so hopefully I can finish crafting my own campaign in time.

I've also built a German army for Flames of War to participate in the Legio campaign. Didn't take me too long to finish them, but I'll be repainting the Tiger Tanks since they're so dark.

Now, I'm actually working on the Iron Warriors, I plan to finish this army before the next Chaos codex comes out. So when the Codex is out, I can just bring out the pain and unleash it on the enemy, Iron Warrior style!

I haven't taken photos of my latest progress, but as you can see from the main header picture above, I'm actually done with the Dreadnought.

I'll do my best to post more this time, and not neglect my blog. I also need a constant reminder to finish my last commission project. Not like I need so many months to do it, just 1 or 2 focused painting days and I'll be done. Seriously though, no more commission jobs for me unless it's super easy.

After looking at most of the pictures here, I think it's time for me to invest in a proper camera and rely less on my phone.

Do check back again, I'll be posting more progress on my Iron Warriors.


Tekanan said...

Bloggers gotta blog

deathkorps said...

Nice to see some life here! Cool post

khairul said...

Welcome back lazarus :)

Good to see u blogging again. And good to see u at the campaigns!!! More to come this year.

See u this friday nite to decide the fate of Nijmegen and Arnhem :)

Ivan Ng said...

What a fitting update bro. Can't wait to see more and kudos for expanding the hobby in Malaysia mate. Between you and the other Legio boys the hobby can only grow to its former glory days. Cheers and keep on hobbying.

Old School Terminator said...

Welcome back! Your new work looks incredible! You have been missed.

FourEyedMonster said...

What a way to re-enter the blogging world!!! Super post Alvin. Looking forward to more from you. It's about time too.

Alvin Khaw said...

Thanks guys. Looks like I'll need to relearn how to fix the Disqus part of the blog.

Vuel said...

err, no love for your Dark Elves, WIP Dark Eldar, WIP Skaven and WIP Vampire Counts?

Hahaha, just pulling your leg dude. Welcome back to the world of living. 2012 is gonna be an awesome year of hobby!

Alvin Khaw said...

Believe it or not. I actually forgot about them. Will do a post about them when I can.