Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project: Iron Warriors and Flames of War

I'm back at my home town for the holidays which means I won't be able to get much done. But I've brought back 11 Chaos Space Marines and a Chaos Vindicator to work on.

Before I left my apartment, I took some pictures that are blog worthy. These are what I've been working on recently.

A magnetized Iron Warriors Dreadnought. I even did a little extra and magnetized the head so it's rotatable.

As you can see it's pretty much still in progress, not done with some of the smaller details yet. But for the first time ever, it's the brightest I've ever painted for any model/army I have. Though, the silver is actually airbrushed.

I'm still wondering if the basing colour works, I'm out of ideas for now, which is why I used dark brown for the basing.

Also, I need to work on my Panzergranadier platoon. Even though Bagration starts in May, I'd rather finish them way ahead of time just so I don't have to rush.

I'll be working on more infantry models for my Iron Warriors.


Vuel said...

nice looking dread. kinda weird seeing you painting 'bright' stuff, hahaha.

I'm planning to start early for Bagration too, right after Penang, while the other guys are either doing 'P:L' or 'WWE' ;)

Ivan Ng said...

Very nice bro. Dreadie is coming along very nicely. Love the hazard stripes!

khairul said...

Nice dreadnought. I think the bases work. Will u be going for dirty look bases?

Nice that you're looking ahead for bargation herr Alvin. We need to meet and discuss army strategies so we don't get overwhelmed by the massive soviet army.

A happy Dragon new year to you bro!!!

Alvin Khaw said...

Thanks guys.

Yes, I'll be going for the really dirty looking bases. I'll also need to remember to do the weathering on the Dreadnought.

Yeah, we really need to discuss our Bagration army.

FourEyedMonster said...

Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family!!! Nice looking Iron Warrior Dreadnought by the way.

deathkorps said...

Seksi! Love the dread and can't wait to see the Hanomags done