Monday, April 30, 2012

Lots of painting done in a week.

The past few weeks have been really busy for me. Getting a lot of things done for my shop and planning for War Without End, was also busy finishing all my assignments and exams for now too.

For no apparent reason, I dug out my Assault Squad to be painted. Even though I'm not using this squad in any games, I just painted them for fun when I was over at Yip's place for painting night. I made it a point that I WILL paint my Blood Angels when I'm there, whether or not I will use the unit. Even so, I painted these in less than 4 days.

I got a feeling that my bottle of Satin Varnish is going bad or something, it gave my squad a dusty frosted look. So I fixed it by airbrushing the usual GW Gloss Varnish and got the colour and shine I wanted.

I was also working on this little armoured car.

And the rest of the Firestorm Troops for Bagration and the rest of my German army to be repainted. I aim to finish these in the 2 weeks that I am free.

But I don't know why I'm so inclined to work on my Blood Angels. Maybe it's just an obsession or something. Even now, I got exactly 3,305 points painted and I've got another 3,000 points or so in line. No rest for the crazies! Gotta finish what I started.


deathkorps said...

Keep up the great progress, madman!! :)

dif2find said...

nice going bro.. keep it

Vuel said...

wow, 6000pts of Blood Angels which is heavy on infantry..
you rolled badly on the Black Rage chart is it?

Alvin Khaw said...

Thanks guys.

I didn't have to roll badly on the Black Rage chart. I HAVE THE BLACK RAGE!!!

khairul said...

3 weeks to go to bagration :)
Ve need those brave germans troop done Heer Alvin. And zond forget ze special weapon ;)

FourEyedMonster said...

I kinda feel the same way for my Ultramarines ... have no intention to really built an Ultra army but for some reason I have to paint 'em.