Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Found something nice.

So yesterday I had some time on my hands, went out for an early dinner with the other half since we skipped lunch. I went to our local thrift store, and I find this, an MDF board which is approximately 6mm thick, which would also mean, no warping of the board will happen. The board is a little less than 8 inch by 12 inch.

I figured that it would be a perfect display board for my Dark Eldar and/or pre-heresyBlood Angels (since I use the same basing method for both). It fits nicely into the IKEA Detolf glass cabinet without taking up the entire space, which would mean that I can place it in any way I want.

After rummaging through some of my boxes for terrain pieces, I built a small terrain piece to be set at the corner of the board. It's meant to create another surface level for me to place more models on.

Tonight will be my last night to continue with this as tomorrow I'll be flying back to Penang for Chinese New Year for a week.


Vuel said...

where did you get the MDF board from?

deathkorps said...


khairul said...

Have a happy holiday bro :)
Be safe at all times. Looking forward to seeing at the next throwdown with your contemptor.

Alvin Khaw said...

The MDF board was bought at our trusty Daiso.

Vuel said...

Daiso sure has a lot of unexpected stuff.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Ivan Ng said...

Gong Hei Fatt Choy bro!