Sunday, February 17, 2013

Deimos Pattern Predator

Since I've just gotten these, I wasted no time in starting out with my Deimos Pattern Predators. I've ordered 2, but only managed to work with 1 for now.

The kit is quite interesting, first you have to assemble part of a Rhino which will be modified a bit, and the rest of them are resin parts.

This picture shows how it should start out.

The back of the hull needs to be flat to fit a new hatch.

This is how it kinda looks like when partially assembled.

Well obviously, the turret needs to be "encouraged" a little.


doc selvam said...

Ya....the turret needs some encouragement :)

Vuel said...

LOL..encourage the gun barrel indeed..

FourEyedMonster said...

Heh heh ... poor turret.

redeye said...

time for some hot water to excite the turret back to line.

khairul said...

Can't wait to see this painted up :). That is one sexy predator...even though it does need a little encouraging hehe

Lord AK said...

Nice.. the turret is a shame though.

This set didn't come with side sponsons?

Nathan Watt said...

When I use to play 40k I never got round to buying any tanks for my space marines. I don't know if it was the price, or the fact it looked like it would be just too fiddly. Maybe it was actually the fact I prefer infantry units though.

Don't play anymore though, more LoTR's now. And working on my own project as well.

Just published latest figure to be painted. It's Gandalf from the Escape from Goblin Town boxset. He won't be Gandalf in my games, that's for sure though.

Take a look when you want. Nathan's Fiction Sphere