Monday, May 4, 2009

Just a little curious experiment... and some networking.

Hi there, since I revived my blog, I received about 100 readers daily, and now it has grown to reach almost 200 per day... During the days that I'm too busy and I don't blog, the readership will drop. But it doesn't really matter, this blog is mean to share my ideas and painting.

Well, the point is, I just want to see what would happen to my daemon adoptable if you guys would help me click on level up daemon. You can find it at the left column of the blog.

The link will redirect you to Heresy Online and from there you will have to click again. It's just to confirm the click. I'm very curious on how it will turn out, so I spawned 3 daemons, they were randomly generated. I named them, well, I'm not that creative with names.

The thing is, one person is allowed to level up any daemon. You can't level up the same daemon within the span of 24 hours. And if you are interested, sign up and spawn one of your own and put it on your blog. 

Remember to either email me or drop a comment about your blog address so I can link you from my blog. I would be interested to read on your own painting and gaming in the WarHammer World.

"I'm sick now, the doctor said I've got a viral infection, I don't know about that, but I don't like the feeling of my heartbeat pounding felt in my head..."

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