Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chaos Chosen - Alpha Legion Rhino

I've been painting, yup. Did lots and lots to this Rhino. Though I still have lots in line, I think I should finish up this Rhino first.

After this, I will start on probably my Chaos Terminators, or the Plasma Havocs.

I didn't like how the right side, turned out. Never mind that, I'll rectify it.

Used some Scorched Brown to weather the vehicle a little.

I love using Boltgun Metal for the highlights, simple, easy, effective, looks like scratches and battle damage too.

Instead of leaving the top so empty, I've decided to do the free hand of the hydra here. The steps were simple, start with Dark Angels Green then go on with Snot Green. I have to mark out where the heads would be and all that.

It's not done yet obviously, but I'll work faster with it. I also need to practice on free handing more often, seeing that how this turned out didn't please me as much.

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