Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eldar - Thinner Craftworld. Just kidding.

Can you believe it, I have so much Eldar and most of them aren't even painted. I have to buy more. :D

By the way, I'm actually not done with the pilot yet, I'll still spend more time adding more colours to him.

I'm also gonna be working on glowing engines. I feel that it's best for me to keep painting this Wave Serpent to the best I can, even if I do, I will make the later Eldar vehicles that I will soon own, much nicer.

These guys here have really tested my painting skills. A friend bought them for me for my birthday in May 2008 where I've barely started to take painting seriously, and my oh my, does my painting look horrible during that time. Gonna put them in thinner and melt the base off too.

Prince Yriel says hi. This was my actual colour scheme I had in mind for my Eldar in 2008. Not quite happy with it now eh? Thinner time...

When my Eldar collection escalated last year, I bought these guys and finished painting them within 3 days. As much as I still love the colour scheme I had on them, times change, tastes change and to suit my new army, they will have to go for a swim in the thinner. And of course, I want the base melted away as well.

On a side note. I've recently received my Vallejo paint sets. You can now say that I'm a very happy painter. Just need to find a proper way to store and arrange them. After that, throw them all into the glass jar of thinner.

Just kidding.

Have a good day. :D

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