Monday, December 7, 2009

Hobby Tips - Never put your drink near the painting cup!

Well, this will be a major hobby update. For the past few days I've been assembling and assembling non-stop. And up till today, I've managed to start painting on the stuff I've been assembling.

Why I said "Never put your drink near the painting cup"? Because, when your body is accustomed to the position of your painting cup, your hand will automatically dip the brush into the water and the swishing movement of the brush will begin. Lucky for me, my cup is already half way done, and I realized instantly that I was about to mix Badab Black into my drink. Will that be Yummy?

Here are some images from a few days ago. I've been assembling a lot as I've mentioned.

These will be my Alpha Legion Chosen Chaos Space Marines. Anyone smell 5 meltas?

I've also been assembling more Ork Boyz from the Black Reach set.

Not only that, I've finished assembling 5 Chaos Terminators along with a Chaos Terminator Lord and a Sorcerer Terminator Lord.

I also assembled 2 Chaos Rhinos for my Alpha Legion. One of them is for the Chosen Chaos Space Marines.

The one below is the Rhino meant for my Chosen. I've did a minor conversion on the twin-linked bolter. Since I want this Rhino to stand out more, I let the gunner hold two bolters which should count as twin-linked. (You may steal this idea.)

Sprayed with Chaos Black. Real good spray to have and use.

Today, the painting process started.

Looks sexy! Black Rhino with Alpha Legion doors!

I'll be doing my best in completing this Rhino as soon as I can since I've got lots more to paint. I'll also be including some free hands on this Rhino just to make it a little bit more "special".

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