Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I finally opened the shop!

Hi guys, I've been seriously busy for the past few weeks, mainly because I've been painting my Fantasy army and I was also getting things done for the shop.

The shop is called Hobby Forge Enterprise. I'm still doing my best to let the shop grow and bring in more stock for the shop. Not to mention, get the other hidden things done.

I will take better pictures this weekend. Currently I'm opening the shop at the weekend, the time should be about before noon till dinner time. Haha. From the pictures it looks small, but truth be told, I can have up to 4 gaming tables at a time.

I would really like to personally thank Ivan for really helping me out, he helped me assemble most of the shelves, give me great ideas and showed me places where I can get things nice and cheap. He practically helped me with almost everything we see at the shop today. The people's choice really helped a lot man. :D

I would also want to thank Doc Selvam for giving me great business ideas too and by donating lots of terrain to the shop. Well, I'm starting small now, so I need as much help as I can.

Syamael also help me by assembling the shelves with Ivan, they both practically had a great exercise on that day when we were preparing for the unofficial opening. Haha.

Finally, I would also want to extend my thanks to all the other guys who I should not mention as they would like to remain anonymous. These are the unsung heroes that contributed by giving me challenging scenarios for me to think about so I can go about the obstacles. You guys know who you are.

I thank everyone for making the time and effort to looking for Hobby Forge, I know it's quite hard to find the shop, but it needs some time before people get used to coming to the shop. I'll be preparing a detailed map on how to get there.

I will be doing a tournament in May and the official opening for the shop at the same time too. For now, it's more of a test run kinda thing. Hope to see you guys there!

I'll be posting about my painting soon enough when all the busyness slows down...

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