Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kindred - A recap of the double's tournament.

I was quite busy for the past few days as I've got lots of work coming up. Also, I'm preparing my first Fantasy army for the next Legio Fantasy Campaign.

Anyway, held on the 6th of March was Kindred, organized by our very own legionnaires Khairul and Arzmi.

More pictures can be found in these links.

Some of them are here.

This is the turn counter I made for this tournament, it's just for fun.

Da happy warboss!

These are Ivan's Tyranid Warriors. Nicely converted. This team won the People's Choice Award as they have a very nice force.

Joe and I was teamed up to kill as many things as we can. Orks and World Eaters, looks quite hilarious and killy at the same time. :D

Game 1 - Joe and I had to fight Shah and Emil (World Eaters & Death Guards). They had Abaddon in their list. Luckily for us, we had extra turns that we can manage to grab the objectives in time. My Ork Boyz got 2 objectives by making the conga line. Haha. We had a narrow victory.

Game 2 - We had to fight Jeff and Azlan (Imperial Guard & Sisters of Battle), the main threat on the table was Azlan's Battlecannon Leman Russ. It was freakishly scary as I'm playing Orks and can't afford to get blasted off just like that.

Luckily, Joe managed to Deep Strike his Combi-Melta Terminators and took out the Leman Russ before it did any damage. My rolls were lucky too, I only lost an Ork Boy in this game. Jeff's sisters were quite scary with their faith points, they single handedly killed Joe's Daemon Prince.

The World Eaters and the Orks managed to pull a victory by sheer luck and dice rolls.

Game 3 - The third game was a blast! We had to fight against the scariest list around, the Tyranids. When Ivan and Dann brought their army, we had doubts of winning since there were lots of Bonesword wielding warriors and the Mawloc and more shooty warriors.

With the tactics and ideas from Joe, we managed to lure the Tyranids to a never ending struggle to reach us. While the warriors were chasing the boyz, the lootas shot down quite a lot of warriors.

The mawloc appeared and caused some mayhem in my lines. Luckily with the help of the Khorne Berzerkers, it went down. At the end, the results were quite obvious, we had pulled our third victory in the tournament. Luck, strategy and tactics brought us to victory...

It was clear that we won the Best General Award.

Ivan and Dann got the People's Choice Award. Nicely done guys!

The Best Sportsmanship Award went to Johnny and Christopher.

The Team Hobby Champion went to Jeff and Azlan, for having such great fluff and similar cast bases and colour scheme, they really earned it.

Joe and I won the lucky draw for these 2 big posters. Didn't I say we were lucky? We gave the posters to Legio so they can put it up and decorate the place to make it look more "Warhammery" lol.

Thanks again to the brothers, Khairul and Arzmi for organizing such a successful and interesting event. We all agreed that this was the best event ever done in Legio.

Congrats to everyone who won!

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