Friday, June 14, 2013

M109A6 Paladin

Due to my fickle nature, I decided to change the colour scheme of my Eldar force, so while planning for that, I ended up building and painting another tank instead.

After a flurry of German tanks, I figured that I would do a modern US tank, so I picked up this kit from Tamiya and finished it within a couple of days.

You can't really go on without looking at the tank firing, so here's the video.

Here it is after assembly.

And here it is completed. I realized that the tank in real world, is not as weathered as what I've done, but I guess for this scale, if it's not weathered, it will look fake, so I went to town with it. I used 4 different weathering powders, where the first 2 wasn't that obvious. It's kinda tricky since it's in the desert and the weathering can't be too dark.


khairul said...

Another tank nicely painted. Now we need to get you doing 15mm FoW tanks for Overlord and Bulge.
Come on know you want to. PLus you get to play games with them and blow tanks :)

Alvin Khaw said...

Yup, definitely. I've gained the confidence to do so after doing these tanks.

FourEyedMonster said...

Awesomely cool paint job! Hats off to you for painting so many tanks to very high standards in such short periods.