Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm back! With more things done!

The only days I get my 40k stuff done are the days I don't have class, other than that, the progress will slow down pretty much. Either way, I've completed another Chaos Lord just to make my 1750 tournament list a full WYSIWYG army.

The internet at my place is so slow. I have to size down the images drastically or I will never get them uploaded.

I still need to work on painting power weapons. Not that good at it yet. Only thing is I don't know which direction the power comes from.

I've also made myself busy with a few tanks.

In a fit of frenzy-ness, I assembled all of them. They're ready to be sprayed black now. The Predator is fully magnetized from sponsons to the ammo box. The Vindicator is a real fun tank to assemble. I might be considering in getting more.

The next Predator I get, I will forget about the magnets. It's just too tedious of a task.

Gonna bring them to Legio to paint!

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