Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finally, finished painting the 1750 list.

I'm just waiting for another box of Chaos Terminator Lord to arrive, as I have to make one of my Chaos Lords WYSIWYG, so I've decided to paint one up anyway.

Finally, after finishing some minis today, I decided to take family photo of the entire army.

Note the Icon of Chaos Glory on the Autocannon guy on the right.

I'm particularly happy with this Chaos Terminator. After a few minutes of thinking on how I could make him have an Icon of Chaos Glory, this is what I thought, just stick the pole at his back. Since I have lots of Space Marine parts, I figured that I should just use it.

Chainfist! For the win!

"I wanna make my chaos army reach 3,000 points, now I have 2,100 painted up."

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