Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Product Review - Vallejo Glaze Medium and some test painting on the Eldar!

What a great way to start a post with 2 objectives in mind. To do a little product review on the Vallejo Glaze Medium and to also share how I will be painting my Eldar Ghost Warriors. I can honestly say I have been quite busy lately thanks to the mound of assignments I've been working on, but nevertheless, I'm gonna squeeze about an hour or two dedicated to my painting.

Well, since I want to paint my Ghost Warriors white in colour, I've been thinking a lot lately on how to make them so white and pure and yet able to make the details pop out. So the experiment begins. I sprayed one of my Dire Avengers white, ensuring that I don't miss a spot, not too thick and not too thin. Just nice.

Here's the thing in the spot light today! The Vallejo Glaze Medium, really cheap and good stuff too! The description at the back says "Retards Drying", so I'm guessing that it immediately thins down the paint and turns it into something like a wash, which is true.

You only need a tiny little drop from the bottle. From the picture below, I actually had too much, mainly because we have to add water and paint with the mix. Adding too much of the Vallejo Glaze Medium will seriously prevent your paint from drying...

My first attempt on using it actually let the Skull White + Vallejo Glaze Medium stay wet for nearly 24 hours! Well, technically not wet, but it became pasty...

I added some Bleached Bone.

Mix it a little with some water. And there you have it, Bleached Bone wash...

I spread the wash entirely on the mini making sure I didn't miss a crevice. And as you can see, the wash is actually very translucent. It really turns paints into washes.

After it dries, you can see that the armour is more defined. Though I had to dry brush the entire mini with Skull White again just to make the raised areas pure white.

After some painting experimentation, here's the end product. It does look as if it's radiating with white, but it's just not defined enough.

So on the latest test model, I used Fortress Grey mixed with the Vallejo Glaze Medium as a wash, which is actually better than Bleached Bone.

Well, that's the concept of my Eldar. I think I will darken it by using Codex Grey and mix it with the Vallejo Glaze Medium to glaze the mini. Oh well, that should do the trick in painting my Eldar Ghost Warriors...

"Gonna have to get busy, lots of things to do apart from painting!"

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Mattersmasher said...

I'm painting some Dystopian Wars ships with Vallejo white-grey and I need a wash exactly like this which doesn't dull the colour, but does add shading; don't suppose you remember the ratio of paint-medium-water, do you?