Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why people start new armies.

Well well well. I seem to start of most of my blog posts with the word well...

Anyway, I'm sure as a gamer, you've been there, done that, when it comes to the situation when you know you want to start a new army.

I feel that there are a few good obvious reasons why we all start or want to start new armies. So let's take a look:

1) Hands are itching to paint something new.

I really understand when a painter reaches this stage. Why? Take me for example, even though I've been in the hobby after 2 years, I've painted up about 5 armies. And in between, I paint random stuff that have no connections with my current army or the army I want to build in the future. You will eventually get sick and tired of painting the same thing.

I've painted my Orks, stopped, painted the Alpha Legion, went back to Orks, painted Eldar, went back to Orks. Honestly, I got very tired when I was painting my Orks, it's just the same old routine. I did it until I felt sick and tired. To distract myself, I bought different models and started another army before going back to my Orks. This really helped a lot. Because when I was sick and tired of painting my Alpha Legion, I missed my Orks, so I continued. And I'm determined to paint them up for the next Legio league.

2) The fluff is so cool it makes you wanna remake the story you've read.

I've read the book Legion by Dan Abnett twice. I fell in love with the story and I went on making an entire army based on the Alpha Legion fluff. Imagine that, just one book and I built an army!

I've also read the fluff about Prince Yriel in the Eldar Codex and since then, I've been planning on how to paint my Eldar! I'm building an entire army based around Prince Yriel.

3) I want to play something new!!

My first army was the Tyranids, and imagine how it felt to have 3+ armour save when I made the transition to the Chaos Space Marines!

When you're already tired of being on the receiving end of Tank Shock (just because Tyranids can't), start a new army so you can Tank Shock!!

4) I saw someone did something cool, so I want to do it too.

Well, the one army that is calling my name just because I saw that it's cool is the Traitor Guard. I've already made plans to purchase those Chaos Militia sets from Forge World. After building that army, I can tie it in with my Alpha Legion. Now that sounds really cool...

5) There's a new Codex!

I used to play a full jump pack army called the Doom Angels. I based them on the White Dwarf Codex Blood Angels. Oh my, 40 guys flying around is really funny! And now since the new Blood Angels Codex is due to be out in April, I'm itching to repaint my stuff to proper Blood Angels by airbrushing them all red!

Also, the with the new release of the Tyranids, I'm so tempted to make the 60 gargoyle list. That really sounds fun too, but I don't think I can do my nids till next year. Since I've sold my Tyranids, I don't have to worry about remaking the army and I now have the opportunity to build it from scratch.

Well, I'm sure that there are many other factors that make you wanna start a new army. But let me tell you, it sure is fun doing so. I've learnt how to deal with Orks and Tyranids since I used to play them. Sometimes, you know how to defeat your opponent easily when you face the army that you used to play.

Any thoughts?

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