Sunday, August 30, 2009

3 Tanks in 3 Days, well... almost...

Hi all! I've been held back from updating mainly because of my horrendous internet connectivity. I meant to upload these yesterday, but it seems impossible. At least today the internet connection ain't that bad...

Either way, I've been playing lots and lots of games for the past 4 days, which really held my painting back. I played 13 games in total, racking up 7 Wins, 3 Loss and 3 Draws. 2 of the games I lost I had very terrible dice roll, I'm talking about my Obliterator's Plasma Cannon getting hot and failing their saves 3 times in a row. Then the vehicle explosion beside them just killed one of them, how pathethic. Nevertheless, my rolls were picking back up and showing me lots of 6's.

I'm definitely bringing the tourney list for the Legio League.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my finally completed Alpha Legion Rhinos and Land Raider.

I'm gonna have the tracks matt varnished as I really care for the paint job I did for the tracks, I just love them too much!

"Gonna WYSIWYG my entire army for the league, only 1 Chaos Terminator, 3 more Iron Warriors and 1 more Chaos Lord to go..."

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