Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mad hobby rush! Assembly line...

I should have posted this a few days back, but I was quite busy and went out of town awhile.

I was preparing for the Legio's Iron Painter event. Assembling and assembling more Orks! I'll be bringing more Ork Boyz for the Iron Painter and I will most definitely attempt to go for the Iron Halo award. I would have to paint 30 models worth of at least 1,000 points within 12 hours.

I like this Ork's pose. Real cool.

I've also finished assembling my Alpha Legion Land Raider and have sprayed it black.

Looks like for the next few days I will be assembling more than I will paint. Since I need to start putting together more models for the Iron Painter and practice it on my Alpha Legion...

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