Thursday, August 6, 2009

Painting Tutorial - Chaos Obliterator in a day...

Hello, today I've decided to paint up an Obliterator. Since I did one within a day before, I decided to do it again but write up a tutorial on it. Well, I haven't been doing any tutorials lately, so I hope this makes up for it.

As you all know, the Obliterator comes in many bits and pieces. After assembly, you will notice lots of gaps around it, which means you will need to use some green stuff to fill up the gaps. Well, today I only want to go through the painting part of it... I assembled it fully and put it on the base with the sand glued already.

I made the painting very simple so anyone can copy it easily and paint one up.

First off, I sprayed with some cheap flat black. I didn't want to spray too much as I'm afraid that the spray might get too thick. So I left some parts showing.

After that, I used watered down Chaos Black to cover up the entire mini.

First up, use Graveyard Earth for the flesh... It's ok to be sloppy at this stage since we're just gonna paint flesh...

Next up, Kommando Khaki on the flesh parts...

After that will be Bleached Bone.

Now, just use Ogryn Flesh and go over the fleshy parts.

This process will take long only because it takes long for it to dry, so I had to speed things up by putting it by the fan...

After that, wash again with Gryphonne Sepia.

Then Baal Red...

Now for the cool part. See the piece of flesh there at the waist? The shadowing is already set, I'm just gonna bring the highlight out.

Get some Bleached Bone on a palette, I only did this because my Bleached Bone is not so watery anymore.

Paint it on the raised edges...

Continue the same process on the entire mini...

Remember to only paint the raised edges...

Once you're done with the flesh parts, it's time to get the metal parts painted. For this Obliterator, I want it to maintain as a Black Legion Obliterator, so I painted the trims with Shining Gold. Be careful not to go over the flesh painted parts.

Once you're done, wash the trim with Badab Black. Just to make it look weathered.

Boltgun Metal the tubes, weapons and pipings...

And wash them with Badab Black again.

While waiting for the wash to dry, I used Blood Red to dot the eye. Snot Green was used to paint the lens and Scorpion Green was used to paint the top of the lens.

I'm gonna make the weapon nozzles look very used, so what I did was to drybrush a little Scorched Brown on the nozzle.

After that, drybrush the nozzles with Chaos Black right at the tip.

Ta-da! Easy, simple, effective, nice. I like it! I did the terrain and painted the rim of the base to suit the rest of my army.

So to break it all down. To paint this Chaos Obliterator, you need:
1. Chaos Black
2. Graveyard Earth
3. Kommando Khaki
4. Bleached Bone
5. Ogryn Flesh
6. Gryphonne Sepia
7. Baal Red
8. Shining Gold
9. Boltgun Metal
10. Badab Black
11. Snot Green
12. Scorpion Green
13. Blood Red

Lots of colours, yes, but it's effective in making this Obliterator table-top quality...

Hope you guys enjoyed, any questions, just leave a comment, I'll get back to you...

"I still have more minis to prepare, at least I'm done with all the Heavy Support in my army..."

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It looks great thanks for the Tutorial