Thursday, August 20, 2009

Space Hulk Fever

Found this while I was searching for the new Broodlord images from Space Hulk in google.

Either way, I'm not getting myself a box, despite the fact that I play Tyranids and have a Blood Angels themed army (full jump pack army). I saw all the Genestealers, they look awesome, saw all the Termies from the box, looks awesome, but... not in my budget.

I'll be pre-ordering 5 boxes of Space Hulk for 5 people, since lots of people are asking for a set, so I'll do them a favour by pooling everything in to cut down the shipping and tax cost.

Well, at least the new minis will look awesome as we can predict. (Tyranid Codex coming soon followed by Blood Angels, see the resemblance?)

Here are some links to the images I found them. Enjoy.

Now I really doubt there's a new Broodlord in the making...

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