Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Iron Warriors have arrived...

Since my Chaos Terminators haven't arrived, I decided to put an Iron Warrior with Lascannon together. It only took me 4-5 hours from preparation to completion.

Here are some pictures.

Alliance is pledged towards the Alpha Legion!

I gave him the soot covered look instead of the shiny new guy.
Here's the breakdown of paints I used on him:
1) Boltgun Metal
2) Chaos Black
3) Shining Gold
4) Red Gore
5) Scab Red
6) Snot Green
7) Scorpion Green
8) Badab Black wash

The reds were only used for the wire and the greens for the Alpha Legion symbol. Boltgun Metal was used to highlight the metallic surface after the wash. I didn't want to make this mini shining and sparkly.

I'm gonna make some Iron Warriors with Lascannons, Autocannons, Missile Launchers and Heavy Bolters, basically all the heavy weapons the Chaos Havocs can take. They may be included into my Alpha Legion army as Chaos Havocs and obviously the Alpha Legion are using the Iron Warriors. Since the Alpha Legion hates the Ultramarines, Iron Warriors hate the Imperial Fists, they seem to go along quite well...

I'll let the Alpha Legion carry the Assault Weapons and Rapid Fire Weapons, I might alternate that option, but it all still depends.

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