Sunday, June 14, 2009

Terrain Project - DIY Crater

This article was written by Wong, a local player at Comics Mart in Malaysia where we frequently play 40k. A little intro about him. He's a follower of the Imperium and he loves sharing with us his gaming ideas and funny thoughts that we enjoy a lot. He also makes terrain for us (thank you Wong!) and we always use his terrain for gaming. Everyone should appreciate their terrain maker!

Anyways, in this article, he will show us how he makes craters for us to use whenever a vehicle suffers a Vehicle Explodes result on the Vehicle Damage Table...

Wong: Firstly put. there has been a crisis of lack of crater in CM (Comics Mart) of late. Ever since 5th edition made vehicle better a slow but steady increase in Rhinos and Land Raiders alike jam, then the battlefield is like the Federal Highway during peak hours. When the fight starts and they start exploding in fashion, craters soon pop up everywhere; then soon we ran out of craters, and most will witness the miracle of teleporting craters and even deadly hinting craters i.e using big blast templates as one. :D

This is when I decided to try this out.

1. The main point of any DIY stuff is to be cost efficient and to use materials which are in abundance, what better way to use dead or old CDs eh? In addition, it is in the perfect size for a Rhino, Emperor be praised.

2. Using paperclay as the main modeling material for like a pack of RM 7 you can make 3 to 4 craters... If I am dead rich I will consider green stuff one day >:D

Note: It is a good idea to use real stone to create the stony texture

3. Rinse and repeat

4. Spray them brown.

5. Multiple layers of white glue + super glue for final finishing. Burnt soil of RM2 is enough for 50 craters and more... Most expensive part of the venture? Super glue. I would appreciate it if any of you can point me to a cheap source of it. :(

On field review (players in CM):
Jin Aun: "Cookie!"
Peter: "Add raisins for better taste."

Alvin: I would say, "It's cookie making time!!". Then the onslaught of vehicles will begin... The "cookies" were very well used nowadays since everyone had been happily destroying vehicles all over the place.

It's one very effective way of making terrain since craters are hard to come by, I mean the cheap ones...

Again, thanks to Wong for this Terrain Project and allowing me to share it to the rest of the world!

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