Saturday, June 6, 2009

Review - Citadel Hobby Knife

Time to talk about this little tool here that I've been using since the start of my miniature painting days. The Citadel Hobby Knife.

GW is well known to make us pay the most for the simplest of things. I for one, bought the knife and live to enjoy using it. I believe that this knife is worth buying.

The blade is very sharp, and comes with a dozen of spare blades in the box. After more than a year's use of the knife, the blade will definitely get blunt over a long time. As you can see up there, I've decided to finally switch to a newer blade after such a long time.

The grip is quite comfortable and it won't slip off your hands when using it. The weight of the knife isn't that heavy at all, so you won't get tired of it. Though I've experienced cramps after a long usage of filing 20+ minis at once, use it moderately. The knife is very well suited in cutting certain plastic for conversions and modeling.

Why buy this knife? Simple, it's because it's worth investing in the tool that will ensure those unsightly mould lines would go away. Please, don't use those pen knives or craft knives as they're not as steady and would put you at risk of cutting yourself.

Final say, go get this hobby knife. If it's too pricey for your liking, there's always other hobby manufacturers out there that produce products as good as this too. Hope you enjoyed this review, I have to get back to work. XD

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