Thursday, June 11, 2009

Prince Yriel - Should I repaint him?

Hi, since I'm working on my Chaos Space Marines, the Eldar have to be put on hold. I have to buy lots more for my Eldar before they're playable...

I plan to repaint all my Eldar, which isn't that many, and they were in a colour scheme I no longer find attractive.

One of them is Prince Yriel. Painted him a long long time ago, probably a few months back sometime last year. Have a look first.

I've opened up a voting poll on the right side of the blog to see whether or not you guys, as my loyal readers, think I should repaint him. Why and why not?

Either way, I'm very very happy about the idea of repainting him. I want to put more effort into painting him this time since I believe that this guy deserve a much better paint job... He's the saviour of Iyanden, how many Eldar are this heroic and self-sacrificial?? :P

Vote and let me know!

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