Monday, June 8, 2009

Lots of things going on now... Glued My Fingers Mini Trade is on!

It has been sleepless nights now, I've been working on 2 blogs at once and now the total number of blogs I'm maintaining are 3. Probably not much for you guys, but I'm really happy to work it out.

I've built Glued My Fingers Mini Trade to help the Malaysian Gamers trade or sell their unwanted minis. This helps a lot as people would rather sell off or trade off something they don't need or want to something they want.

At the Glued My Fingers Mini Store, I've already received almost all the items that should be kept as stock... Take a look to see what I have now.

And.... To continue with what I've been painting. I've been focusing only on this one guy here for the past few days. Simply because I want him to look good for the army. The back pack was traded with one of my friends who now resides in Japan. Hope he comes back one day and plays his IG.

The head for this guy is taken from the WHFB Chaos Knights box. I just wanted to see how would it look like for an Aspiring Champion...

As you might have noticed. The labels on the blog has been removed. I'm currently reconstructing the entire labeling system for my blog to ensure easier navigation to search for blog posts.

"Got lots of metal minis to work with, but I think I'll finish working with all my plastic ones first."

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