Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Something funny from GW

Today I received a parcel from GW, one of my recent GW direct orders have arrived and it's mainly for my customers who ordered them. At first glance, the blue tape around the box hinted that someone had taped it apart from GW. It looked like the customs had it. But upon closer inspection... Just look ahead at the pictures...

Hooray! I got colour pencils! Brite Ideas! Woo woo! Hoo hoo!

My guess is they accidentally packed that into my box when they were sealing it at the airport. Luckily enough nothing fell out of the box though it was found damaged/opened...

Since you now know my address, feel free to send me money or minis if you want. XD

I'm completing my squad of Alpha Legion now since I've finished my assignments way ahead of time.

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