Sunday, June 7, 2009

Taking the next step for the WarGamers community in Malaysia.

After some discussion and lots of thought, I've finally decided to take the business to the next step. Most of you guys know that I sell products from GW, Privateer Press, Gale Force 9 and such, but I haven't went all out on it.

So last night, I built the Glued My Fingers Mini Store. A blog dedicated to keep track on what items I have in stock and of course for announcing of new items and such. It would be a place where you guys could go and check out and see what is in stock and what is in bound.

Currently I'm selling to Malaysians. In America and UK, you guys have the luxury of the GW stores and we don't. Which is why I've stepped up and took this role to sell those products in Malaysia at a price as low as possible.

For those that are in Thailand, Singapore or somewhere nearby, I would post it to you if possible. Though the shipping time and cost varies.

I'm running the whole operations of this business alone, so I hope you guys would understand if I get mixed up with orders sometimes.

I'm studying my degree, working whenever I'm needed, painting most of my time, and have my own life to live, I'm just as busy as you are too. But I will do my best to bring this hobby to a more affordable level for everyone, starting from Malaysia. My goal, to help gamers get what they need at an affordable level without having to wait for months and months.

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