Monday, March 16, 2009

Da Orky taktikz - Battlewagon vs Trukk

I recently played a 700 point game with my Orks. This is the army list that I've used...

Warboss with Power Klaw, eavy armour, Cybork Body, Boss Pole, kombi-skorcha and an attack squig

5 Nobz, 1 Painboy
4 Big choppaz, 1 power klaw, all of them had cybork bodies and eavy armour.

20 Shoota Boyz

Heavy Support
Battlewagon with 3 big shootas, armour platings, deff rolla, and a red paint job.

Trukk with wreckin' ball, boarding plank, red paint job.

Now, the focus is on the 2 vehicles...

Ork Battlewagon: This big thing costs only 150 points and it's an Ork version of a Land Raider! The benefit of this big wagon is that you can fit 20 boyz in there and not to mention, it can move 7" and the 20 boyz in there can fire at will... Not to mention, it provides protection for the boyz too, I feel like buying more Battlewagons, it's just too good not to take more...

The deff rolla can really cause mayhem especially towards infantry, it's way worth it's points. Always bring one!

Ork Trukk: An Ork Trukk is way cheaper though it carries less models, but it's enough for 10 Nobz and a Warboss to ride it. Having the capability to allow anything inside to shoot out, it also serves as a fear factor on the table.

The boarding plank can scare away other vehicles and the wrekin' ball is just scary, nobody would want to go near this thing, especially when there are Nobz in it!

Over all, I will definitely think of getting more Battlewagons and Trukks for my future games. Have a good day!

"Been really busy these days, assignments, presentations and events going on, my sleeping time has reduced immensely, what about my hobby time?"

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